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  1. yeah, i 've got the scans sorted now.. but the s/c on compressors like c1 or c6 don't work in samplitude.. not the end of the world but it would be nice if the actual VST3 implementation worked correctly.
  2. now that Pro X2 has VST3 support.. does anyone know if waves side chaining works now ? the manual states very little.. just that it is supported. when i scan my VST3 folder it always crashes Pro X2 (only has waves shell in it) but when i run Pro X2 the VST3 plugs are there and can be loaded but the s/c comps like waves C1 & C6 still don't appear to have s/c working in samp (appears the same as VST2) is this feature actually supported in Pro X2 since it claims to support VST3 now ?
  3. is there a way to stop the waveform's displayed in the track from shrinking down to nothing when the fader is pulled all the way down ? i currently need to edit a track with only the aux returns audible and no direct sound, so the fader needs to be all the way down but then i can't edit it without seeing the waveform... thanks, Shaun.
  4. thanks for your input, but i don't think LAA or 64 bit has anything to do with this problem. for example.. if you've got 3.5GB RAM recognized by windows... and you load samp and start filling it with RAM hungry VSTi's you know it's going to max out at 2GB... so i do this until i see Task Manager shows 1.8GB RAM in use... now, if i don't close samp, just leave it open with 1.8GB of RAM used and start Reason in standalone mode (no rewire)... it will load approx another 1GB or slightly more before maxing out, so around 3GB total between both apps.. the rest of the RAM (around 500mb) is used for the OS... this is great until i open Reason and link it to Samp via rewire... this time Reason barely starts before maxing out... so my experience so far is that Rewire limits Reason to the hosts 2GB of RAM.. so in the end it works just like any other VSTi which is not the impression i was under.. i was hoping someone here had been through this or new something i didn't to get it working but maybe it just doesn't have that flexibility that another user had claimed.. i hope i'm making sense..
  5. ok.. problem number 2... how do i make Reason (via rewire) access additional memory separate to the host application ? i have 4GB of RAM installed but reason still bombs out loading samples at the same point it did when i only had 2GB installed so it's obviously not accessing the remaining 1.5GB of ram that windows says is available.. it's appears to be locked into the 2GB assigned to Samp.. leaving the other 1.5GB unused i thought rewire treated both apps as separate entities therefor allowing each of them access to their own 2GB blocks of RAM.. allowing me to get better use of the total 3.5GB's recognized by windows... how do i get Reason to access more RAM beyond the 2GB assigned to the host application ? thanks..
  6. thanks for the response, but i don't think you can do that because it's in "rewire" mode and all audio/midi options are by default unreachable in this state.. but i figured it out anyway... down the bottom of the Reason screen (in the sequencing/arranging area) you have to select the controller icon at the top and not one of the instrument icons under it in the list... then you can turn live monitoring on and off in samp as needed.. Reason defaults to the first instrument in the list and once changed to the controller icon it acts like any other VSTi... otherwise it will continue to play that first instrument regardless of what you do with the rest of reason, rewire or samp...
  7. i've started playing with samp again (v10) and i'm currently trying to integrate Propellerhead's Reason via Rewire... but when i play my midi controller i can always hear reason playing... even if no tracks are assigned to it... with all other VSTi's i have tried you need to click on the loudspeaker symbol in the track editor to hear them but reason always plays regardless for eg, if i intend to play an instrument loaded in Kontakt, i select the speaker symbol for that track to turn on live monitoring and play away... but i also get reason playing along with it when it's speaker icon is not on which means it should be silent.. i've also noticed sometimes it sounds like double notes as well.. you know the phasey sound with increased volume... is this a bug ? or is it a configuration oversight on my behalf ? how do i make reason behave like all other VSTi's when it comes to live monitoring ?
  8. hi.. did a search but couldn't find anything regarding this.. the scenario... ++ i set up a loop and get it playing ++ i play along with the loop on another channel from a live audio input (not recording this, just monitoring it) samp always crashes... sometimes it's a short period before it locks up then, other times it runs for maybe 5 mins... the "crash" results in a stutter effect like a very short loop playing continuously at a higher volume than before it locked up.. it usually requires a reboot of windows but sometimes sorts itself out without needing to restart samp or windows and i can continue on... is this a known bug or is there something i can do to prevent it ? is it my config ? otherwise samp is pretty stable but this is a killer as i rely on this way of working heavily... thanks, Shaun.
  9. thankyou Oliver !! All i need to do now is make a shortcut and i'm good... just what i needed ... thanks again.. Shaun.
  10. hi.. one feature i really liked in cubase SX3 was the ability to simply create a "loop" of a region by hi-lighting it then selecting SHIFT-G this would define a range according to the hi-lighted region's start and end times and play in a perfectly synced loop/cycle between these two points until you hit stop. all regions appearing between these newly created start & end points would be heard...not just the region you selected.. obviously we refer to "regions" as objects in Samp, but is there a way to define a range's start and end points from an object's start and end points without having to fiddle with dragging and snap tools to create a range ? i've read through the manual quite a bit and watched a few video tutorials (by Kraznet) but my question isn't covered.. i know you can creat a range in a few different ways and loop off of that but it's a lot more time consuming than the way i was used to in Cubase... BTW.. don't confuse this with the Build Loop Object feature which i understand... thanks, Shaun.
  11. not unless it's on by default... i've found also, that the channel fader in the mixer "resets" to the default position sometimes when i go back to the start so i think this is related if i move the faders around in the mixer to get a comfortable balance, shouldn't these just stay where i set them regardless of starting and stopping ? like i said.. i'm not aware that i'm using automation... certainly not intentionally.. regards, Shaun.
  12. so where do you think the bottle neck is ... RAM, CPU or both ? i have 2G of ram and an Intel core 2 duo e4300 (1.8ghz per core) i could add more ram and the 3Gb switch or should i get a faster processor ?? thanks.. Shaun.
  13. hi.. i have the following nagging problem with Kontakt 3 in Samp.. there is a volume slider in Kontakt 3 (located in the top right corner of the Kontakt window and it moves left to right) when i adjust this to the level i want, it stays there until i stop playback and then it defaults back to the original level i have to keep turning it up everytime before i hit play... it doesn't do this in cubase... does anybody have a suggestion as to why this is happening and how i can get it to stay where i set it ? i'll also post this question over on the NI forum... thanks..
  14. ok.. the drivers were no go.. the PC crashed constantly and i could only uninstall them using safe mode in windows... i played with the Hybrid Engine setting and when it's set to any of the options for economy tracks, the audio glitches stop... i'll experiment some more with it but at least it's working pretty well for now..
  15. ok.. thanks very much guys.. i'll check the settings and download the drivers and try them out..
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