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  1. When I first dived into hard disk recording, I looked for a solution that did everything, and settled on the now defunct Creamware TripleDAT. After several upgrades, tripleDAT no longer worked with windows XP and I needed to upgrade my PC, so I looked around to see what was out there. I tried Cubase SX3, to the point of buying it, but could not get it to work - some bug in it wouldnt let it record more than 2 sec's of audio before stopping. That was where I discovered the beauty of Steinbergs support - they didn't have any. I managed to get my money back via VISA and looked for another DAW. At this point I downloaded a trial version of Samp 8 and discovered it was very similar in look and feel (to me anyway) of tripleDAT. I purchased Samplitude V8 and discovered, once installed, that it was doing the same thing as Cubase... doh!!! I emailed Magix support, had an answer from Ed within hours, he sent the syscheck program, I ran it, sent the results back and within 24 hours the problem was fixed. From that moment I've been a firm believer in this program. I won't say I haven't had my hassles with it - it's the nature of technology to get annoying little glitches every now and then, but Samp really rocks. Cheers, Tim
  2. Why don't you just make 2 duplicates of the track you want to delay, use the volume and pan controls to put it where you want and move the samples back a few milliseconds to give you the delay?
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