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  1. I did find a way to program my Korg nanoKONTROL by watching the instruction video: I didn't know it was so easy!
  2. Thanx, for the quick respons. but here's the problem. I'm a complete MIDI nerd, and I am helped a lot with a ready made setup with the following functons: knobs for panning firsts 8 sliders for first 8 tracks + 9th slider for master (evt scenes for more tracks) buttons for mute and solo and of course: transport can someone help me? I even don't know if i have to program the KONTROL in Samplitude or in the Korg Kontrol editor???
  3. I'm using Samplitude since 2 years now. I'm working with the Presonus Faderport as a HW controller now during editting. I want to use the Korg nanoKONTROL as a HW controller during recording (live mixing) is that possible?
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