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  1. Lately, ive been playing with blocks. Blocks of audio or midi that is. For example i will have many blocks of audio and then arrange them into a composition. I seem to run into slight timing offsets and things of that nature, and i was wondering if there were "tricks" , key controls or functions that i am not utilizing to keep things in better place, while moving these blocks around. Another good example. lets say i have a composition made up of many parts, or blocks. Then i record a new bit, after the other pieces. Is there a good way to insert this block into a position in the song and have the other pieces snap around it?? In other words insert a new bit of music anywhere in the composition, and have the later parts line up right ? Difficult to explain, but if anyone has any tips in this area, id appreciate it . asloo
  2. I would assume i would want it recorded on both left and right channels, but you seem to be saying record it only on one channel then play it back on both ????
  3. hmmm, actually that depends. It is only recording from one input, left or right, but when recording I want the recorded material on both channels, in this case anyway. I dont want just a one track recording of the guitar on the left channel(the channel of my interface, input 1). I want to record from that one input, on one track, on both the left and right channels, dont i ??
  4. Thanks for the reply and excuse my stupidity, but..... If i choose mono in Cubase for example I am recording signal on both the left and right channel from the mono microphone. if i choose mono in Sam, I am only recording the left or the right channel. If i move pan, i go from signal to no signal both in recording and playback. Does this make sense? I assume i want a mono signal on both left and right. If i choose mono in Sam, im only recording on the left channel. Please straighten me out here. anyone. Thanks
  5. Using SE9, I am trying to record acoustic guitar using a microphone. So i have one mic going into my interface, and in Sam i choose mono mix in. I would like to record on several tracks at once, maybe panned to different directions. Sam wont let me record enable more than one track. In other software such as Cubase, there is no problem i can click record enable on several tracks and record several tracks at once using the one mic. Am i doing something wrong ? Appreciate any help. Thanks
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