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  1. Well I guess the thing to do is try plugging a mic into your 24bit converters and see how it works as the dynamic range of 110db or whatever yours are speced at is more than the noise floor of a mic. I guess that would give you a bit of an idea what to expect. Your right about D.I. boxes but mics usually put out less than say a bass guitar, unless perhaps micing a kick drum. I've tried drum mics into line ins and didn't seem to work that well. cheers Greg
  2. you would need mic preamps to match the output impedance of the microphones anyway. Usually the mics are 200 to 600 ohms, whereas the converter boxes are more like 10k. The response of the mic would probably go all over the place.
  3. OK thanks. So do you find it better to work with or just more compatible to your other work. cheers Greg
  4. So what were your reasons for jumping ship and what did you jump to? If you don't mind sharing. cheers Greg
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