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  1. Hello Folks I use an older Samplitude, Pro 8, and it still works great. Well, I just upgraded the computer to a Sweetwater Creation Station and the interface is a Focusrite Scarlett. All that stuff is working great. The V9 Waves files and the files that come with Samplitude are working fine. I had to point the path directly to the waves folder to get it working. That said, it didn't allow me a way to point to Drumagog and other VST Dlls that I have. Has anyone run into this kind of thing, and if so, is there an easy way to get things to point to ALL my VST plugins? I have some great stuff that came free with Focusrite, as well as the Drumagog 5 and such, but at this moment they are useless and I am just starting a project that I'd like them all available for. I'm also willing to redownload Drumagog and the other stuff if I need to to point the DLLs to the right place. I'm just not sure why Waves ended up a priority that didn't allow me to put other things in that folder Thanks in advance for any wisdom! Jim
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