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  1. Thank you for the very kind example mathieujm! I'm going to try to follow these instructions and will report the results in the next few days. I don't have the Movie Edit program, but that can come later after I've been able to produce a good audio test. Again, I really appreciate the nice steps you provided, I'll take it from there TY!
  2. Thank you for the replies andy-opf and mathieujm. If I needed or wanted to do surround (like from quad sources) then perhaps Master wouldn't be the best choice, but I agree Samplitude Master appears be the best choice for stereo. I also like the fact the restoration tools are part of that version and would love to have them side-by-side with what I have now! I've tried reading the manual on the procedure for creating DVD-A's, but I'm not confident of what's going on. I will certainly DL the trial version and see if that helps, but I wanted to see if there were other people burning stereo DVD-A's of their WAV files and how they were going about it. Yes, Kraznet's videos are very helpful (I've looked at a couple) and it's even more inspiring he takes the time to even do that! I didn't see anything pertaining to DVD-A creation, but there's probably more pressing topics for him to dedicate to. Even though I know Samplitude has DVD-A creation abilities, the bottom line is I need to be convinced of the claim and how it has been working for others. A brief step-by-step of the process (nothing intense) would help get me through my own trial of it and help reduce the chance of unduly short-changing the program. The latest reason for this apprehensiveness is my purchase of Adobe Premiere Elements 4. Let's just say that going to the Adobe forum will show an incredible amount of disatisfied users who are frustrated that v7 has been introduced and it is little more than a major revision disguised as bug fixes. I thought it was just me, but that program is NOT able to do what it said (for me) and I take solace I was in the majority. It's a great pity because I wanted to use PE4 over any other similar program and am very disappointed more in not being able to do the tasks I had hoped for, rather than the money wasted (but that's a sore point too!). So, there's where my trepidation lies. Of course many use Samplitude successfully, I have no question in its' solidity and ability to deliver on claims. I simply want more evidence of my own on how to use the feature I want the most, DVD-A creation from analog sources. How to take 7 or 8 independent WAV files, where to put them in the timelines, edit view or individual track channels, and the proper/relevent pull-down options to set me in the right direction. I don't mind using the trial at all, just some basic guide posts to ensure I'm not selecting the wrong options of missing something entirely. If someone is kind enough to give that a shot, I'd very much appreciate that, but thanks either way, I know that's asking alot from someone who hasn't bought it.
  3. Archiving analog, particularly from high quality LP sources is my goal. I purchased an ESI Juli@ 24/192 audio card for this purpose. I'm getting weary looking at various software options and simply want one difinitive choice and be done with it. I also have Adobe Audition 1.5, which does virtually all my editing needs. For noise reduction I'll be using iZotope RX and a couple VST's from Wave Arts Master Restoration Suite. Between these tools and what is in AA 1.5, I'm confident I can produce outstanding results. Unfortunately, Audition has no support for DVD whatsoever, not even in v3, therefore I haven't upgraded. VERY disappointing. For my editing needs it's my favorite and I know it, so to spend a rediculous amount on WaveLab is out of the question, especially if I end up displeased. I simply want to create DVD-A's. I looked at Cirlinca's DVD-Audio Solo, and would be ok with it (even though I realize it isn't an authentic DVD-A), but it seems dodgy on my set-up (P4 3ghz 2gb RAM) and freezes frequently too. I'll go ahead and download the Samplitude demo, but was hoping to see if there were any tutorials, guides or steps in the process that were already out there, and googling hasn't produced anything either. The manual isn't very clear (to me) on the procedure and I just don't want to waste a day or two trying things if someone already has researched this or can provide feedback. Thanks in advance.
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