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  1. Hi @TotteG, I see that the "no analog preamp needed with 32 bit integer AD" idea seems to be difficult to grasp and accept, when people are so used to analog preamps and their audio desired "warm" qualities, and when "digital audio" has been for some time associated with "cold and harsh sound". So this Steinberg marketing is undoubtely smart, from this point of view : not clearly telling people that there is no analog preamps in this audio interface because they are no more needed with 32 bit integer AD conversion. If you read the manual and go to the Panel Control and Functions (Main Panel) page, page 4, you can see that nowhere are volume controls for some analog preamps. There is only this on page 5 : Seen ?... Only digital processing on 32 bit integer audio streams. No analog electronical gains, nowhere. The relative volumes are managed by DSP with the 32 bit integer audio streams. Regards, Bolibolubab
  2. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/new-product-alert/1247833-airwindows-ditherfloat-mac-windows-linux-au-vst.html
  3. https://new.steinberg.net/axr4/ Are the so called "hybrid microphone preamps" real analog preamps ? I guess they are absolutely not : they are matched impedances at the analog inputs + DSP processing on the 32 bit integer audio streams.
  4. What I wanted to say is that matching impedances, to whatever impedances are needed (be them mics, or instruments, or whatever needed impedances), is not preamplification. DI boxes were only given as understandable practical examples.
  5. Does matching impedances could be considered as mic preamplifications ? I'm not so sure >>> DI boxes are not preamps.
  6. ..."Marketing", maybe (people are not accustomed to the "no mic preamps" idea, before this one there was only one 28 bit integer AD/DA audio interface on the market for years, the Stage Tec True Match , with this idea of "no preamps needed"). Steinberg & Yamaha have choosen to "collaborate with Rupert Neve" for the "Silk processing" (harmonic distortion preamp modelization), this is marketing for a niche where "analog preamps" are desired. Maybe they don't want to complicate things in the minds of "sheep-like consumers". Maybe there are no real analog preamps in this audio interface (maybe it is done only by DSP digital modelizations and calculations, this "Rupert Neve Silk Processing"), but they choose to not say so, for marketing purposes. Maybe when they say there are preamps it's just a kind of "little white lie". I prefer the thruth, but if white lies are required for the business to go on...
  7. "Steinberg AXR4T 28x24 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with RND Silk Circuitry" They say 32 bit integer AD/DA conversion (!?!?!?!) >>> "Bit Depth Up to 32-Bit (AD/DA Conversion)" >>> "This interface itself is capable of capturing audio at sample rates and resolutions of up to 384 kHz / 32-bit, enabling a highly-detailed reproduction of transients as well as an increase in headroom over 24-bit converters." IF this is true, it would means that no mic preamps are needed. If this is true, that's really new. It seems utterly crazy that it would be only for Mac and not for Windows, and that it is Thunderbolt 2 and not Thunderbolt 3. Lot of questions...
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