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  1. Thanks for the tip, Greg. Unfortunately no joy. I think I've tried every buffer combination known to man by now. I still have a couple of weeks left on the demo so I'll keep plugging away at trying to find the cause. Like I said, most everything else works great on my system and I do like the program very much. I don't know if my interface drivers could cause this but I guess it's possible. I have a Presonus Firestudio Tube and the hardware is great but Presonus is notorious for buggy drivers (I know, should have gone with RME). I'll try another interface and see if thats it. Looking forward to firing up Ammunition some day. Thanks again, DS
  2. Hey DB, cool, glad that's what you were looking for. As far as my thoughts on Samplitude, there's a lot to like. I love the mixer, workflow , look & sound (maybe placebo but it does sound more 3D to me). The effects that I've tried are excellent (haven't tried Ammunition yet). It's very customizable with the toolbars and keyboard shortcuts and has been very stable on my system (10.1 DLV). I've run into a few quirks here & there but it's been mostly user error. The one "bug" I have is hung notes using Omnisphere. If I start playback directly at the beginning of a midi note, the note will hang until I press stop. If I start playback 1/8 of a beat before the beginning of the note then the note plays back as expected. I've tried everything I know, different Samp engines, monitoring on-off, different buffers etc. This only happens with Omni. If I insert a different VSTI and use the same midi object I can't reproduce this. Also, I have no problem with Omni on any other host. I thought it might be my system but after a recent OS drive crash, I reinstalled everything on a new drive & tried the Samp demo again and I get the same thing. Other than that one showstopper, I really like this program a lot. I too am an ex-Sonar user (left after version 6 due to stability problems) and stability is a big deal to me as well. Once I learned the workflow of Samp, I am able to do my work quite rapidly. But, if I can't figure out why Omni hangs, I may have to hold off on the crossgrade. Good luck with your decision, DS
  3. Hi DB, I too am trying the demo of Samp and plan on purchasing the crossgrade if I can figure out one show-stopping bug that I am experiencing (I won't hijack your thread with that). Regarding the "Groove Clip" like behavior, simply select an object (audio or midi) and hit Ctrl-L. That turns the object into a looped object which can then be dragged out and repeated like Groove Clips in Sonar. It took me a while to figure that one out as well. Hope that helps DS
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