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  1. If I may add to Frank and any other developer here: I know several fellow composer/producers here in the NYC area who have largely structured their studios around their Vst Access Viruses (at least from a sound module point of view). Whatever can be done to get Access on the Samplitude bandwagon would be invaluable to Samp's cause of spreading the good word -- certainly amongst professional midi/vsti-oriented recordists!
  2. Hi Rich: I hear you. I guess I just have to accept the inevitable. I wonder if you could be so kind to walk me through how you have your TI Snow configed to Samp, as I'm a bit stumped. (I honestly have not used an ext hardware synth in years -- what with all the virtuals on the market! -- and am still learning Samp) I'm using my motif as a controller, with midi thru on the Motif connected to Midi In on the virus. I have my virus stereo analog outs connected directly into my Fireface inputs 7&8... Thanks! J
  3. Yes, Rich, I was afraid of that. Not that working in classic/externalsynth/midi mode is the end of the world, but vsti virtual is certainly a lot more desirable -- and for me, at this point, a lot more familiar. I was just hoping -- still hoping, perhaps -- that somewhere somehow there is a button to be ticked/unticked and/or an ini file to be renamed or trashed etc to get this thing working virtually with a bit less latency.
  4. Hi Tom: Under Plugin Buffers, the preset is Default. Max vst buffer size is -2. vst automation resolution is 256.
  5. Hi: I recently purchased the Virus TI Snow desktop synth which, via usb to computer, functions as a vsti. This unit runs well in Cubase (although I notice I often have to tweak the buffer on my Fireface800 settings before it functions with barely minimal latency). On the Sam side, I have had no such luck... I talked at length with George Cabaniss at tech support yesterday and he had me try the following: reducing the FF latency, resetting the audio/midi ini, and resetting the Vst ini file. Also, he walked me through changing the registry settings for the class compliant USB drivers. All to no avail. Any suggestions...? Frustrated, J
  6. Hi: This seemingly simple question has left some great Samplitude minds scratching their heads... On Cubase, I have a personal key shortcut ("C") for the click on the transport bar, so as to toggle the annoying-but-necessary metronome click during monitoring, tracking, playback, etc. How do I do this on Sam? There seems to be a problem with the "Edit Keyboard Shortcuts, Menu and Mouse" section in so far as there is no subsection for specific transport parameters. Under Options/Program Preferences I did discover a Metronome Options listing, but shortcutting that only brings up a metronome setup dialogue. I'm interested in hitting a button to toggle the click sound on/off. Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks, J
  7. Hi Frank: Ok, that works. Initially you said Quantize Undo and I was scratching my head as to where one finds this feature. Reset Quantization works fine. Looking forward to Sam's future upgraded midi functions. (One design option is to do what the Digidesign folk probably did for the most recent version of PT: open up a copy of Logic and/or Cubase and "creatively interpolate" some of the more advanced midi functions that we midi geeks need and love:) Thanks again, J
  8. Hello again: well, I'm finally working on a fully-functioning (ie, non-demo) version of Samplitude Pro 10, have just ran the 10.1 patch and am still not seeing the Quantization Undo function in either of the midi drop down menus mentioned above. Hmmm:( Also, while the scaling trick mentioned above is one way of going about midi compression, my impression thus far is it's sort of a ham-fisted and unpredictable way of going about this -- certainly when dealing with velocity sensitive, polyphonic material like a piano part. I think the developers here should look into incorporating a midi compression and/or velocity limits function like most other DAWs nowadays (Cubase, Logic, the latest version of PT, sonar, etc). Just my 2 pesos. J
  9. Thanks Greg. And may I say that I'm receiving a fine first impression of the world Of SAM based not only on the great audio but upon the experienced, intelligent and good-natured vibe of this forum. Unlike the Steinberg forums where they are all animals!
  10. Thanks JM. Well, I just ordered my copy of Sam pro 10 so I have officially made the plunge!
  11. Hi Frank: I don't see "Quantize undo" in either areas you mentioned. Perhaps a limitation of the Sam demo? Or perhaps a very recent feature... The scaling-velocity trick you mentioned though seems to be doing the trick fairly well. Thanks, Jeff
  12. Awesome -- I look forward to all of the above! Jeff
  13. Hi Kraznet: Thank you SO much for your wonderfully informative and no-nonsense tutorial vids! I'm a recent Cubase convert, still learning my way around Sam, and your videos have undoubtably cut weeks -- perhaps months -- off my learning curve. May the Gods of DAWS reward you infinitely... 2 requests: 1) I'd love to see a vid covering all aspects of automation in SAM. In Cubase it's sort of idiot-proof given the ubiquitous R and W (read and write, respectively) on every plug, vsti, mixer, etc. Sam's does not seem so obvious at first glance... 2) Midi -- particularly midi editing in the matrix editor/piano roll! I am a midi-heavy music producer/composer and still feel a bit lost outside of Cubase's familiar and rich midi editing environment. A vid showing all the facets of the matrix editor, step by step, covering all the essential midi editing terrain, would be invaluable for me! Thanks again, Jeff (PS: need some donation quid to keep you going? Don't hesitate to ask!)
  14. Hi Frank: Thanks for you suggestions. I'm still scratching my head a bit, though (perhaps on account of being a newbie to Sam and Sam speak) 1) so where precisely is the quantization undo? Can't find it... 2) so let me see if I understand this re the velocity compression-scaling you speak of: I'm in the matrix editor/piano roll, with velocity bars visible in the below controller panel, and with cntrl+mouse movmnt, and cursor on top of the bars, I bring them all down to compress the heights, right? How do I then make up the gain in one feel swoop...?
  15. Hmmm. So am I to understand there is no global way to velocity compress midi notes -- even after the fact, during editing, say in the piano roll? That would suck if that's the case! I mean for dense polyphonic midi performances (I do lots of piano and orchestral work) it could take hours to individually tweak controller lane vertical velocity lines, as opposed to just highlighting all notes/events, choosing a compression ration (say 75%) and voila, the midi part is compressed -- lower velocity notes are raised a few tics, higher ones decreased. (alternatively, setting a global limit: say no velocities above 100, none below 40 -- great for eliminating midi piano "banginess" and unintended ghost notes, etc). I just read through the Sam pdf manual and not seeing anything revealing in the midi section re this matter. Perhaps I missed something... Thanks, J
  16. Hi Greg: You seem to be right re it's not possible. After researching the topic on Cubase forums, I think Cubase can only run in master, not slave, mode in ReWire. On top of that. neither DAW is recognizing each other in their relevant ReWire patch areas...so I'm pretty much throwing in the towel in this ring. The following are some midi features I enjoy using in Cubase that I have not yet detected in my demo version of Sam10. Please tell me if Sam has these -- or something similar: reversing midi undo quantize (handy for say playing a piano part, quantizing, then unquantizing grace notes to retain natural flavor) compress/expand and limit velocity merge midi in loop (say you are working with a one-note triggered arp pattern that you'd like to tweak -- use this and the arp pattern will become a midi pattern) half tempo/double tempo (so that, for example, a 2 bar pattern of steady 8th notes becomes one bar of 16ths, or 4 bars of quarters, respectively) random notes/random velocity (further applicable withing target areas -- say between notes c3 and g4 -- fun for instant rex drum fills!) Cubase also has a bunch of midi insert FXs like an arpegiator, midi compressor, chorder, humanisor etc that are good -- although I know there are 3rd party f/x of this nature floating around on places like KVR, etc. Just handy to have all under one hood. Thanks for the assistance! Jeff
  17. Hi: I'm running a demo of Sam10 now and mightily impressed with the audio quality (like everyone), but not really blown away with the midi -- at least compared to Cubase4. I'd love to run cubase within Sam via ReWire, but I'm not seeing cubase listed in my reWire options to the left under plugins in Sam (where I DO see Waves Rewire and Melodyne listed). Hmmm... I'm wondering -- given all the cubase converts here -- if anyone is running such a config and if they could offer some assistance. Are there some boxes I have to tic in Cubase first? Is this just a limitation of the Sam demo...? Thanks! Jeff
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