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  1. Can trade also if you have something cool, acctually looking for spectrasonics omnisphere if someone have that for trade ?
  2. I love Samp, and aqtually Protools is way behind. BUT, the workflow i have, and my computer requires mac compatible DAW. If i had a pc here, I would keep Samp. But i dont and my license should get a new nice pc home instead of lying in my bookshelf
  3. Hi Greg. I moved to the same platform we have at work (Protools) Also, I went into mac land.
  4. Sorry to say, but i have jumped ship. ,Therefore im selling my Samplitude Pro X. Might also be interested in trades, but cash is prefered mail me at: lionheart@online.no
  5. I currently work in cubase 4, but i'm looking into the Samplitude world... Is there a way to import cubase keyboard shortcuts into Samplitude? Exept from programing everything myself?? All the Best!!
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