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  1. Never used independence in all the years I have owned samplitude. I just tried it today. lol Pretty cool but can someone tell me how to load my own or 3rd party samples into it? I have I think version 2... I am running 10.2 PRO. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the help we are good to go now!!!!!!!!!
  3. I got all the volume faders assigned to the akai sliders and it works great but can't assign the knobs and buttons on the akai. Not sure why not because I am doing it the same way I did the faders. edit got the buttons working. Going back to the knobs this must be somthing stupid. Will update.
  4. I think I got it now. I will post again if I still need help. Thanks!
  5. how far have you got? its actually not too hard. only thing is if you just want to control just the active track you need to tick all the ...follows... options and set your track count to 1. thats in the hardware controller setup page in the options. first you need to add #empty and then start customizing. Thanks for the reply. Haven't got too far. I am on the hardware controller page added a #empty then I am on the "customize controller" page but not sure what to do. I assume I click on program function and pick what I want to control like "fader master" but not sure how to assign or map a fader to it. Thanks!!
  6. I am using an mpk49. All the keys, pads, mw and transport controls work great. It does have 8 assignable knobs, sliders and buttons though, that I would love to assign, but have tried everything myself but just can't figure it out. I hope someone can help and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  7. I can't help with the Vista-specific issues, but be careful with EW PLAY -- it isn't properly supported under Samplitude and in my experience can't be relied on in its current version (search the software forum below for threads on this). Ok thanks I just searched and see what you are talking about. Hi Eric, Try right-clicking the Sam icon/shortcut,and select "run as administrator";does that eliminate the startup message? Regards, George That did the trick George, thanks so much. Anyway to make it always open as the administrator? Thanks, will try and see if I can get the 32 bit version to work with samplitude since I already have it. Thanks. Eric
  8. Installed samp 10 Pro this week and everything went great just had to do the patch for codemeter since I run vista 64 and after that it has run great. http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=16358 The only thing I have a problem with is before samp 10 starts up I get a message: Your Windows log does not have sufficient rights to use samp completely (eg CD burning or reading) You can start samp under a different windows login with extended user rights" If I try to log in I then get samplitude_10_Pro\winrunas.exe doesn't exist. My other question is does samplitude support 64bit VSTi like Symphonic Orchestra? http://www.soundsonline.com/EastWest-Quant...-pr-EW-177.html Thanks! Eric
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