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  1. Hello Tim and thanks for the response. I'm going to email you
  2. Hello, what do you expect the upgrade cost to be for users of Samplitude Pro 11, when 12 comes out? What has it been in the past and do you expect this upgrade to be more, maybe do to the change to 64 bit? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I am still on SEK'D SAmplitude 24\96. Not sure if I want to upgrade to Samp 11 PRO or 11 standard, but what is the proper upgrade package for me? thanks in advance.
  4. hello does any one know if I can use a korg 168rc as a control surface with samp10.2? or how I can find out? thanks
  5. hello, is there a crossgrade version of the standard samp V10? I only find crossgrade versions of pro available. what's the best way to upgrade from sek'd 24\96? I do not need pro. thanks in advance, greg
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