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  1. https://soundcloud.com/studio-g/memory-pain-2015-master Hope you dig it, please let me know what you think. John Goebel
  2. I use 2 of his products most every day, grado gold mm phono cartrige and a pair of SR 125 headphones. Did not know about the Fairchild connection but makes perfect sense as most all the grado stuff has a rich natural sound quality. Bummer.
  3. Damn I spelled your name wrong and can't edit the header sorry. It really goes without saying, but Sascha has for a long time now created some truly spectacular plug's. Now for a bit of a challenge... As of now a typical chain for me is... 1 Statson used for filtering, level change plus or minus. 2 One of the PSP Squad EQ's NobleQ EX is my current fave, aliasing be damned this thing is KILLER. 3 This is where things have changed quite a bit. Used to be I'd slap Am-Track on it tweak to taste and be done. Now it's one of the new CLA 2A or 76 clones followed by MPX. While Am-track is pretty close when it comes to compression the MPX vs Am-Track tape thing well, not so close. So, add those elements together let Sacha work his Magix oop's MAGIC and give us Am-Strip. A load of work to be sure, but it WILL keep Sascha on top as far as plug coders go. Just a thought or a dream. Thank's JFG
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