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  1. Other programs may be better than Samp but I can only speak as I find.

    Nope, Samplitude is the best. :P

    I've used/tried many many different programs and none of them speak to me like Samplitude. I was hooked on Samplitude the moment I tried the v6.0 demo. At that time it was a 3 month long "fully functional" demo and after using it for 3 months I couldn't even look at my Cakewalk program anymore. I got Samplitude almost immediately after the demo expired.

    That was about 5 years ago, and I've tried every program I can get my hands on since then. But I have yet to find anything I would replace Samplitude with...... Except Sequoia. ;)


  2. Can't believe there's no auto-quantize in this app at version 8... 8 versions is a long time to ignore such a basic feature. I've been looking for 'Logic-esque' auto-quantize with the various time and swing variants in a DAW since it was sold to Apple, and still no luck. :D

    Actually, Samplitude first introduced MIDI in Samplitude 7. There was absolutely no MIDI in V6 and it was strickly an "audio only" application. So to be fair, they have ignored that feature for only 2 versions. B)


  3. Hey guys,

    Tom Sailor of Sythax made a fantastic post about Samplitude No.9 in the official forum... I thought it was so good that I had to pass it along. It looks like V9 is going to be a HUGE turning point for Samplitude. So if anyone here is contemplating Samplitude based on V8, you may want to want and see what V9 brings to the table before deciding to go with another program. :D

    In this post Tom was replying to a few members that were saying the developers should fix the bugs in V8 before coming out with even more features (and potentially more bugs) in V9..... It sounds like the developers have done BOTH! :D


    Hi Gents-

    I understand your frustration...there have been a lot of transitional pains in the last couple of releases...And it is my belief that #9 will be a huge turning point for the program and that a lot of the problems in the past have been addressed and/or will be addressed...mainly due to the Hybrid Engine.

    Ozzie is totally correct in his opinion that Samp and Sequoia were mastering or editing apps trying to be a Multi track...but that has changed dramatically in #9. Many requests were just simply not possible without a total re-write of the engine. Volker has done a tremendous job getting #9 to a very solid level...and yes, it even sounds better...a lot better...IMHO. I couldn't believe it myself...

    It was kinda funny...someone asked me the other day how will I deal with that in a marketing sense, because some people might find that to be a point of discussion, and my reply was, "Who said audio engines were going to be or have to be written in stone in 2006???? I am quite sure that we still have a long way to go before we reach audio nirvana...

    Actually, I am going to state that pretty much a lot of this computer audio crap is just that...crap. It all sucks and has bugs...and now Samp just sucks less...than all the other apps out there, that is. B) There you have it, a new motto has been born! Synthax, We Just Suck Less!

    Think about this...do you realize the last engine was over a decade old??????? And it still smoked all other DAW's?????? Of course, it lacked a lot of the current buzz words and features...because it just couldn't do it due to the latency issues inherant in the program...Why do you think it sounded so much better? You either have a low latency engine (that can sound worse) or a high latency engine (that can process the hell out of stuff and hence, sound bettter). I had to learn this the hard way too...I have to sell this shit for a living...remember??? :D You don't think I was as baffled and miffed that there was no Mute Automation?

    So, what Sam Dev have done in #9 with the Hybrid Engine is a HUGE significant milestone in the business...and a HUGE step to give you what you have been shouting about for years...and it sounds better...did I say that already?

    I feel Sascha's plugins are easily worth the price even at $599...and those are not just some BS features.

    I think the MIDI is much stronger and reliable...and now with Score Editing andNotation. It took Emagic years to do what Frank has done in less than a year...and I am sure the MIDI will only get even better. I think it is very good now...

    The usability and work flow are 10 times better...Track Editor, VSTi Mangager, Track Effects with drag and drop copy from track to track, better System/Global Editor for a much clearer setup and navigation through Samps billion and one settings,

    And there is a lot more on the way...in 9.X...some really great things that will make many of you much happier...I promise.

    I know there will be bugs and problems...that element will never go away...hopefully the bugs will...but you have to realize that there are a lot of reasons for bugs...You have to do some house cleaning from time to time to get rid of the bugs and that is what #9 is all about. And yes, I guarantee that there will be bugs in #9 that finally get fixed in 10...that is just the forces of time and physics and neither Magix, me or you can change that...


    The more I hear about V9, the more excited I become about upgrading. :D


  4. The way that I edit is I place the play cursor where I want to make a split and select the object I want to split, then press the "T" key. This will split the selected object right where the play cursor is. You can split multiple objects that are on different tracks by selecting more than one object and pressing the "T" key. This will split all of the objects that you have selected where the play cursor is.

    The scissor tool works the same way, but most of the time I prefer this method over the scissor tool because I don't have to keep switching mouse modes. :D

    If I highlight a section I can use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the left edge i.e. the beginning of a selection but I can't work out how to adjust the right edge (the end) of a selction. Any ideas?

    Press and hold the "Shift" key while you use the left and right arrows.

    Ken, not quite sure what you mean by taking the D out of the ABC. Can you explain? Sorry to bother you.

    Say for instance you had a recording of someone speaking the alphabet and you wanted to edit out the letter "D" from it. You would use the method Ken described to remove the "D" from the track.

    So instead of "A B C D E F G...", you could edit out the D and get "A B C E F G..."

    He was using the alphabet as an example of something you could edit. Another example could be editing out a *cough* from a vocal track, which would be done in the same manner.... Make a range around the cough and hit the delete key.

    Hope that helps. B)


  5. I don't use MIDI, so I can't comment on that unfortunately.... But I can comment on SAW as I did a good amount of testing on SAW for several months, and even spoke with Robert, the main sales guys for SAW via email and IM before I decided to upgrade to Samplitude V8 (I was using Samplitude V6 at the time).

    samplitude sounds great. i think saw has a slight edge, but samplitude wins in gui.

    I totally agree on the GUI part (SAW was just a little too weird for my liking). But soundwise I did some tests and found Samp and SAW to be identical as far as the sound engine goes. I loaded in 18 tracks and made the same volue adjustments in each program (I only changed volume levels, no effects were added), mixed both down to a single wave file, loaded both wave files back into Samplitude and flipped the phase on one of them and they cancelled each other out with no audible trace. You should also try this and verify it for yourself. ;)

    I couldn't run this same test with the EQ and compressors, because the controls are a lot different in each program (for instance the Q setting in SAW is actually "bandwith", so it goes the opposite direction than Samplitude's Q control). So to compare the EQ's, I had to use Voxengo's SPAN analyzer and white noise to get a few different Q settings that had the same bandwidth. These weren't identical as I didn't want to spend THAT much time on it, but close enough... Using these Q settings I went through and made some EQ adjustments to each of the tracks and from this I couldn't pick a favorite EQ based on sound alone after tweaking back and forth a few times. But based on functionality, I'd take Samplitude's with it's graphical display because it's so much easier and faster to use.

    Compressor wise, I found that SAW's compressor beat out Samplitude's "general" dynamics, but Samplitude's multiband compressor in single-band mode sounded much better than SAW's. I didn't even put it in multiband mode which opens up a whole lot more possibilities that SAW's can't do. Then of course there’s Sascha’s killer AM-Track comp, which there’s no competition IMHO (and it’s about to get even better in V9). :wacko:

    I also tried out SAW's reverb and wasn't crazy about it at all. Samplitude's impulse reverb is very good, it is fantastic for realistic sounds (rooms, cathedrals, concert halls, etc.), but I haven't been able to get that "lush" vocal reverb with it yet. I am particularly looking forward to Sascha's Variverb plugin that's coming in Samplitude V9 as it sounds like it will cover the "lush" department very nicely. :o

    Anyways, just thought I'd share my findings on these two programs.


  6. If you owned a cooperation who would you rather side with, those who bought your product or those who didn't? ;)

    I think I'd side with the people I'm most likely to make the most money off of in the future! 64.gif4.gif

    Then I'd be sure to remain being one of the potential people you could make money off of. :wacko:


  7. Indeed! Of course if they didn't do that, then for the people on Sonar 3, they'd be saying, "you need to pay more because you didn't take our worthless upgrade"!

    But that's when the "faithfull user" thing comes full circle. ;) In this case I'd say the people who did the upgrade should get the better deal since they put the money in and supported the company through their worthless upgrade. At least they'd get something for their troubles. :o

    If you owned a cooperation who would you rather side with, those who bought your product or those who didn't? :wacko:


  8. Was no one who had paid for every upgrade along the way put out by this generosity to those who had done less to support the development of the product?

    I guess that would depend on the upgrade. Because on one hand you could say that it was worth the extra money because you've been using these new great features while the non-upgraders have been stuck on an older version. But at the same time, if the previous upgrade wasn't very good then the people who upgraded probably would have been put out because they would have basically just threw their money away as they could have waited and got the same price for the next version. I heard Sonar 4 wasn't much of an upgrade so if Cakewalk did the same thing for Sonar 5 then I imagine the Sonar 4 owners weren't too happy. :wacko:


  9. Here's the situation: you have a gtr track, you have a stereo delay on an aux buss. The gtr track is panned, say, hard right. You want the aux send to the delay to come in hard left, so the delayed signal appears on the left. This is possible in SX3, cause you can pan your sends separately from the track itself, but if it's not possible in Samplitude, it's easy enough to duplicate the track and send wet-only to the delay.

    Yep, that can be done.

    You have to go into the effects routing options for the guitar track (press the FX button) and move the track's "Pan" down below the "AUX Send". This way the original unpanned guitar signal will be sent to the aux channel before it reaches the track panning and you can then tweak the panning on the aux separate from the original guitar track.

    Panning the aux channel with the delay effect to the left and the original guitar track to the right will give exactly the effect you are looking for. :wacko:


  10. It seems like it could be difficult comping several takes of multitracked drums in Samp if the take composer is single track only...In SX I can group each take of multitracked drums (in lanes) and I only need to have the Kick and Snare tracks on screen as the other tracks that are grouped all move as each take is edited. After the comp is done I can ungroup and tidy up the crossfades.

    Drums are my main instrument, so I do multitrack drums as well (7 to 8 channels) and you can do exactly what you are describing by using track folders. :wacko:

    1) Load all of the drum takes into your VIP.

    2) Put the drum tracks into the track folders by grouping all of the drum tracks from take into the same track folder. In other words, all the drum tracks from take 1 will go into one track folder, all the drum tracks from take 2 will go into a different track folder, etc...

    3) On the top track for each track folder (these should be called F:1, F:2, etc.) right-click on the track name (F:1) and choose whichever track you want to be visible. This will give you an object that you can edit instead of showing all of the tracks that are in the track folder.

    4) Select all of the tracks inside of the track folder and go to the Object menu --> Group objects. Do this for each of the track folders.

    5) Close all of the track folders.

    6) Up above these track folders, you should have an empty set of tracks where you are going to combine all of your drum tracks. So create the same amount of empty tracks as you have drum tracks.

    7) Now above the empty tracks, create another track folder and put all of these empty tracks inside of it and close the track folder.

    That's it. Now you can freely copy clips into the first empty track folder and all of your drum tracks will follow the single visible track. You can then expand the track folder and see all of your drum tracks but while you are editing you will only see one track. Ungrouping the tracks in the track folder will let you tweak individual cross fades.

    Hope that helps. ;)


  11. 4. Manual time adjustment of tracks & track phase. In SX3, it's very simple to manually nudge a track forward or back a specified amount -- like the 14ms it takes to go out to my compressor and back, for instance. Anything like that in Samplitude?

    Select the object(s) you want to move and then go to the Object menu --> Move / Edit Objects. Here you should see two more menus called Object Move Step 1 and Object Move Step 2. These are two different step values and you can set the values for these using the Object/Fade Step Settings... located above the Step menus.

    So for example you can set step 1 to move the object by 1ms and set step 2 to move the object by 10ms. Or if you will only ever need to move it by 14ms, then set one of these steps to 14ms.

    Now to actually move the objects, got into the Object Move Step 1 (or 2) menu and select Move Object(s) Left or Move Object(s) Right (depending on which way you need to move the track).

    You can also set these controls to a shortcut key that you can remember easily. For example use ctrl or shift plus the left/right arrow keys to move the object... Then the "O" key to open the object/fade step settings box.

    For another option go to the Object menu --> Move / Edit Objects --> Move Objects. This will bring up a box where you can manually type in the new starting time for the object. It would be nice if this had the option to "move by" a certain value in addition to "move to" a certain value. So you wouldn't have to do math if your object starts at a different time other than zero. :)


  12. NOW I SEE how it works!

    FWIW I didn't realize that when you choose "load an audio wave", you are actually in destructive editing mode.

    Yep, the VIP is the "virtual" project (non-destructive). You can still use the "load wave file" option, but you have to load the wave file into the VIP. If you choose to load an audio file with no VIP open, then you are in destructive mode.


  13. i have decided to either invest in samplitude or SAWstudio, so its down to this and rml's equivalent forums to make my choice.

    Hey Lofi,

    Honesty, both programs are so different that it really comes down to which program will work best for you. There are ex-Samplitude users in the SAW forum and there are ex-SAW users in the Samplitude forum. Both programs are known for their incredible sound engines, so I don't think you can go wrong with either choice.

    My personal experience has been with the SAW demo. I demo'd SAWStudio for several months before upgrading to Samplitude v8. I heard great things about SAW and wanted to check it out before forking out the money for the latest version of Samplitude. Somethings I really liked about SAW (mainly the speed and low latency and of course, incredible support from Bob Lentini) but there were a lot of others I thought were much better in Samplitude.... Which, for me were more important than screen refresh speed. :) Things like basic navigation, workflow, editing, the effects, etc.... Basically the things I really need to get work done. If you have any questions I can expand on these.

    I did a lot of research into SAW, watched all the videos, read on the SAW forums, used the demo version a lot, and even spoke with one of SAW's sales guys, via email and IM.... But in the end Samplitude was a much better fit for me personally, so I put the money into Samplitude v8.

    Try out the demo's for both programs and see which one makes the "connection". Unfortunately, Samplitude's demo is a lot more limited than SAW's demo version so it may actually be harder to connect with Samplitude. I remember getting quite frustrated with the limitations on Samplitude's the demo in comparison to SAW's. ;)


  14. Seriously, doesn't that irritate the hell out of you to be ignored for 5 days as if no one saw your post, though there's answers around it? I watched it all before, just under different names (forgot my old user names over time). Same old nonsense going on. B)

    Well, I think it's because most people who have Samp SE or Magix Studio 10 probably don't have the other to compare it to. Then there are those (like myself) who haven't used either SE or Studio 10.... So the only thing I can really comment on is that Samp Pro is great. B)

    If I had experience with both programs I would have responded and I'm sure others would have also. :(


  15. Just bought used Sequoia 7.2 from a friend... Rockin... can't believe he went to Pro Tools

    LOL! I think that's the first time I've ever heard of anyone going the "reverse" direction. B) I've used PT a couple times and used to have the PT Free version on a windows 98 drive.... I just don't see what all the fuss is about over PT.

    It sounds like you got the better end on that deal! B)


  16. I tought i had the same problem but it turns out i was the problem :unsure: . It works fine and looks really good.

    What did you find the problem to be?

    For mine, it gave me an error message when I tried to post. I don't remember it exactly now, but it was something about not having permission to post or something weird like that. It let me login, but I just couldn't post when I was logged in. It was pretty strange. :D

    By the way, how is it to be part of a private forum? Is it as cool as i think?

    I'm sorry we are not allowed to speak about the "forbidden forum"..... Oooops, I've said to much already. :D

    But sersiously, there are a lot of very knowlegable folks there. There's not a whole lot of interaction from Magix unfortunately. Sebastian was by far the main contributor who worked at Magix, but now seeing that he doesn't work there anymore the Magix interaction has dropped considerably. lol


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