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  1. The problems start when you create AUX returns first, instead of creating them by clicking on the little send box with its slider in the AUX send row above each track. Never put a send before the track that is sending to it. Always to the right. You can have AUX sends for a track listed in a nice descending row over any and all tracks, and as long as those sends are not on for returns to the track's left, it's okay. Let's say you have a project up and running and you have 10 AUX sends, but they appear in the track column as, say, 8 first, 2 second, 1 third, etc., all mixed up. Very crazy, right? You have to reset the sends, then go into the box/drop-down where all the sends are listed, and click on the enabling boxes in order--1 first, two second, etc. You would think the sends would default in order, no matter which one you click on first, but no, and there is some .for this--you might only, say, use AUX 8 on a guitar track, so when you enable that, it''s the only AUX send showing for that track. Like most people, I like to see all the AUXes presented, like on a real desk, even if I'm only using one, or none at all. This is what I do: I work via templates almost all the time, and I set up 10 AUX sends as a default. You can start on the first track and simply start at the top of the "AUX" column and enable the sends one by one, and this creates the returns automatically. Once you have what you want, press <Ctrl> and left click on the AUX header and drag that over to the next track and so on. You now have every single track with however many AUXes you wanted. Unusually, I think, I send only to AUXes that don't take more than a couple of sources--I'll put, say, AUX returns 2 and 3 just to the right of guitars 1, 2, 3, and four and only the guitars send to those AUX returns. Then all those tracks, including the AUX returns, are bused to their own bus. This mean that many AUX returns will wind up to the left of the sends in the tracks, but it doesn't matter--as long as those AUX sends are off, its all good. Most people will likely put all the Returns at the far right in the mixer, and then send to whatever Returns, sending multiple tracks to a single Return with reverb on it or whatever.
  2. Hmmm. I was going to suggest that. I run 11 Pro too, and had some crazy issues with Sam because of the Codemeter--turns out the stick was bad.
  3. I think georgob is right--there are no mono outs in Sam. However, your last paragraph above indicates that at least half your problem is easily fixed by my suggestion above. I record mono inputs into Sam routinely--actually, always. Every once in a while I'll forget to select "mono(mix)" via the dialog box (my preferred way to do this), and I'll wind up with a mono IN summed to the stereo--two stacked waveforms, instead of the single form. It's still mono, of course. In the mixer it's a single channel. I have things set up whereby I can mix eight discrete channels in mono on a Behringer mixer. These 8 channels are mono, coming out of my sound card's ADAT from the (E-mu) virtual mixer that takes the outputs from Sam's mixer. The stereo pairs are routed to a Behringer Pro 8 digital. It's 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, and I have to hard-pan the pairs in the E-mu virtual mixer, but that's fine, because I would never use that thing to mix anything. They have to be hard-panned--that splits off the ASIO pairs and makes them discrete mono signals. But I have never used the outboard Behringer mixer to do a mix that I then might send back to Sam as a stereo mix or even eight mono processed channels or whatever. I do everything in the box at this point. I hope this makes sense . . . .
  4. Go to the Track Options dialog box in Sam for the track in Sam that you want to record into. I usually right click on the black bar that contains the name of the track in the arranger. This brings up the dialog box. Select "mono (mix)" from the three choices at the bottom right-hand corner. This dialog box is where one can select audio and MIDI options, as well as where you can name tracks and route recording and playback. If you don't set the options for a new track, I believe Sam defaults to stereo tracks, which might be your problem. I hope I understood you correctly.
  5. Well, I re-read Tim D's overview on installing Pro X with the dongle, and even though I have V. 11, I'm sure the same basics apply. I'm going to install 11 on at least two more computers--2 separate units in one room, where I use an old Dell to run plugins for keys and drums, and the main unit that we record with--so we'll see about that dongle. I guess I should contact Tim D. about this little dilemma. I believe I read in another thread that things are different if one activates or installs Samplitude as a download--I have a disc, and of course I'm registered and all that through the initial install and Codemeter software.
  6. So, I can put Sam on more than three computers? I just need to move the single dongle to each? I'm not sure what you mean. I do know that I can't use Samplitude without the dongle in the computer. This has all been gone over, I think, but maybe Tim can clarify once and for all.
  7. I recently installed Sam 11 on a second computer, and it works fine--and the second comp has no internet. I installed, put in the dongle, and it worked. I wish I could have a second (or third) dongle so I don't have to carry the single one around.
  8. The Behringer got a great review in SOS this year, and they also road-tested it a couple issues back-- the road test also got good reviews.
  9. I have a small but annoying problem when I bounce tracks down. Every once in a while the beginning of the new WAV file will contain a short "tail." It often is from one of the MIDI tracks (maybe always; I don't remember). It is a short burst of sound, and is almost impossible to edit out. I usually wind up re-bouncing, and this invariably gets rid of the burst; I don't change a thing in the VIP. What's going on here? This occured in Magix MS 12 as well.
  10. There were no firmware updates at Plextor's site either . . . is a Lite-on drive an outboard drive that plugs in to a USB port? Or is it an in-the-computer drive? The Plextor does work with all the other programs. In fact, I had a Sony before this, and the results were the same--same error messages. I've had nothing but trouble with burners since I got this computer. The original crapped out after about 3 months or so. The Sony still works, but I wanted to be able to burn DVDs, so I got the Plextor. I can only have three onboard devices, so I can't have two working burners in the computer at once. (There's an extra hard drive in there that I installed.)
  11. I tried posting this a few months ago in the Magix Music studio forum, and had no luck, so I'll try here. When I try to record a CD, I get the same thing every time: it starts, says "writing lead-in," and then I get the following warning/error code announcement: Cannot write to disc -> Write Error (ASC/ASCQ OC/00) Possible reasons: record speed too high Damaged CD-R Driver Trouble (Please start trouble-shooting) Your CD burner does not support very long disc I have a Plextor 800A which is an IDE type drive hooked up as the master directly to the motherboard. Before it was slaved to an IDE hard drive. I thought this new set up would solve my problem, but it didn't. I downloaded and ran Magix' latest burn routines; again, no help. Someone at the other forum suggested a visit to Plextor for new drivers, but there are none. Some other bit of esoterica was suggested as well, but I couldn't figure out what was meant. Any suggestions?
  12. It's odd that it can't be changed in preferences . . . how hard would it be to get this into the program in preferences? It seems like something that should be in there as an option. I take it from the above posts that this was a point of contention a while back in this forum.
  13. David, nevermind the previous post--I found the relevant file, added the copied string you suggested, and it works! Thanks so much. So, exactly why would someone not want to have this functionality, anyway?
  14. How exactly do I access this ".ini" file? Where is it located? Do I just copy and paste the instructions you've supplied? (That is, <[Factors]ScaleVolumePanAutomationInReadMode=2>)
  15. This goes out to Tekker . . . I read your post and it sounds like you and I have similar problems with the volume. Would you mind reading my other posts here and telling me if this sounds like your problem? I can't post in the main Samp section.
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