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  1. Hey DonM, Sonar user here too. The biggest issue I have in Samplitude is "unlearning" my ways of doing things in Sonar. Unfortunately, different methodologies make the learning curve rather steep. Trying to cram a 1 week crash course in Samplitude is going to be daunting so I would expect you to encounter some frustration. I'm still learning my way around Samplitude too so I can't be all that helpful in getting you up and operation in a short time. But I can offer encouragement to stick with it. There are a few head-scratchers (I don't really care for their approach to file management, seeing old UAD integration issues that are thing of the past in Sonar is annoying, and then there's this dongle nonsense if you go with the Pro version), but the more I use Samplitude 10 the more I'm impressed. Another thing is the professional and helpful environment you'll find in the forums. Good luck! Regards, DB
  2. Greg, Jeff Thanks, that explains a great deal about "Remove unused samples". The "save complete VIP" feature appears like a good way to handle file maintenance. IMO though, having an efficient way to remove all unreferenced project files would be an obvious benefit. As to the track resizing, there appears to be some sort of rescaling of remaining track sizes when deleting tracks and also some inconsistency in the size of new tracks. This isn't a big issue. I'm just a bit of a neatness freak and I'm used to having everything on my screen stay exactly as it is until I specifically take some action on a target track. Again, one of those perceptual issues I've grown accustomed to over the years. Regards, DB
  3. Randy, Greg Thanks guys. When navigating new paradigms sometimes the wall we beat our head against ends up being our own perceptual bias on how we've done things in the past. The frustration is similar to suddenly finding yourself stuck in traffic on a road you've traveled a thousand times before. Does anyone have any input regarding what appears to be this track automatic resizing? I seem to be spending and inordinate amount of time manually vertically resizing tracks each time I add or delete new tracks? I would really like each track to maintain it's height when working on others. Also, this "Remove unused samples" doesn't appear to work very well. Maybe another paradigm I can't get my head around? But I know I can create literally hundreds of files this function will not remove from a project folder even though I've clears all reference to them in the project (deleted the Undo history, takes, tracks, objects) and I can manually delete these files while Samplitude is still open. I'm definitely a stickler when it comes to file maintenance so I'm curious as to what I'm missing here. Regards, DB
  4. I'm going a little nuts here with what should be, in my estimation very simple tasks. For example, I want to bounce several percussion tracks to a separate track. I've tried several ways but all I end up with around 500 MB and 360 new files in my project folder that are useless to me. Why is this so convoluted? In Sonar you just select the tracks you want to bounce, select the bounce parameters, select the target track, and just bounce. In Samplitude I have no idea how to do this simple task. I can't even seem to figure out how to select multiple tracks. I simply want the end result of bouncing multiple tracks to be 1 new wave represented by 1 new object on a new track. Easy, right? Also, I have 100's of new unused files in my project folder that I created just trying to achieve the above. Now when I use the Remove unused samples... feature, none of these files are deleted. I've deleted my undo history, restarted Samplitude and can get this feature to delete NONE of these new filed. Frustrating. Is there something I'm missing here. This really should be DAW basics. Regards, DB
  5. Hi Sebastian, Adjusting the sample delay in either the primary Perc bus or the Aux Send bus or the Aux Return bus only increases the distinct delay heard on playback. I should emphasize here that the delay I'm concerned with here is playback delay and not recording delay. If I record through the Aux Return bus there is only about an 8 sample delay. However the playback delay is much greater. As I'm sure you are aware using parallel compression requires some dynamic adjustment of the compression on the Aux Send signal and summing adjustment of the two buses during playback to achieve the right sound and balance. As I have it configured in Samplitude, unless I record the Aux Return first and then use this to sum with the original Perc bus, this will not be possible. This, of course, makes the entire process of using an external compressor for parallel compression possible, but time consuming. Regards, DB
  6. Is there are way to control the tracks size behavior when adding or deleting new tracks? There are a few things the I find somewhat annoying that I cannot find in any setup options. For example, we using a key binding to add a new audio track the vertical size takes up my entire screen. Is there not a way you can set a default size for new tracks? However, If I create a track my left-clicking and select Insert Track(s) and acceptable sized track is created. Next, when I delete a track all other tracks in the Track View are for some reason resized. Of course I can save a Track View preset but I would really like to be able to add and remove tracks without these major track size adjustments. Is there a way to control this Track View behavior? I've searched through the project and help file and can't seem to find any setting that would affect this. Regards, DB
  7. Parallel external compression may indeed be the rub here. In Samplitude I have no issue with delay compensation when simply routing a track through an external processing loop and recording the return (I found only a 5-6 sample offset from the original track). However, when routing that analog loop via an Aux send off a bus fed several percussion tracks then monitoring the return against the original bus, there is a distinct delay that makes any artful summing of the two impossible. Interesting though, if I place a plugin, in this case a UAD Plate 140 on the original percussion bus and engage it, some additional delay compensation kicks in as then the distinct delay is gone but there is still phasing that is unacceptable. I did the appropriate setup by pinging external effects and making sure the sends and returns have identical routes (everything is processed through a single HEDD). A little research reveals this is not an uncommon issue when attempting parallel compression via external processing. From what I read it seems that Nuendo and Cubase have the compensation nailed. I suppose there are some less than elegant workarounds to this as well as other purely digital alternatives. Still, I wish this were possible in Samplitude. Regards, DB
  8. I was able to eliminate most of the doubling sound when using the external effect configuration by decreasing the ASIO buffer to 128. But I'm still getting the phasing effect that would still indicate lack of synchronization. Frustrating. These delay compensation issues are what made Sonar such a pain to work with. Regards, DB
  9. Ok, I take back part of what I said. I set up an Aux send off the Perc bus and added a UAD-1 1176LN to it. Upon playback I'm getting the same phasing affect when it's on and a doubling of the playback with it off. So I removed it from the Aux send completely. When bring up the fader of the Aux send I can hear the doubling affect (like the playback of the Perc bus and the Aux Send are misaligned). So, I start over and add an Aux send to the Perc Bus and just play it back with no plugins. It plays back fine. Now I add a UAD-1 1176LN to the Aux send bus. Playback is now synchronized. I do it again and this time add the 1176LN before I play back the empty Aux send. Playback again sounds synchronized. I start over and add an external effect via an Aux send. The playback is no longer synchronized. And I'm frustrated and confused... Regards, DB
  10. Having a bit of an issue with using my external gear. Here is what I'm trying to do: I want to create some parallel compression of my percussion tracks using an external EQ and compressor. In the Project Options dialog I have my External Effect set up for the appropriate Send and Return and have detected the latency. I have several percussion tracks all routed to a submix bus (Perc Bus). I have a UAD-1 Plate 140 set up as an effect on the Perc Bus. Off the Perc Bus in have set up an external effect via an Aux send (creating an FX send as an Aux bus named Var-Mu Send and a return tack named Var-Mu Return). I have the Aux send setup Pre fader. When playing back the Perc Bus and Var-Mu Send with the Plate 140 on, I hear considerable phasing when bring up the Var-Mu Send fader. If I turn off the Plate 140, it gets even worse as I can actually hear a doubling of the percussion tracks. I guess the routing in Samplitude is a bit confusing to me so I'm not sure what exactly I'm hearing. I have one set of I/O's (1+2) set up that route through a single set of converters in my Crane Song HEDD. I have one out set up as 15+16 that I use for monitoring that runs through a separate converter. All percussion tracks show IN as 1+2 and the OUT as Perc Bus. The Perc Bus shows the IN as 1+2 and OUT as StMast (15+16). The Var-Mu Send has both the IN and OUT set as 1+2. The Var-Mu Return as the IN set to 1+2 and the OUT as StMast. The Send and Return of my External Effect is set up both as 1+2. Now in Sonar you can set the IN of any track to None. You have no option for Bus IN's because that is defined by what tracks/buses are routed to it. For this configuration in Samplitude I have no choice but to set the IN's of all tracks and buses to 1+2. Since my Aux send is routing out through 1+2, I was wondering if the return through 1+2 wasn't being fed through all these tracks. So I created a dummy 3+4 I/O that was connected to nothing in my audio system and routed all my IN's though it. This made no difference it what I'm hearing. For another test I simply set up an Aux send off the Perc Bus and added a UAD-1 1176N as an effect. This worked fine and I was able to create, at least to my ears, a perfectly synchronized parallel compression effect. The conclusion I'm coming to is that there is some rather significant issues with the delay compensation in Samplitude when using an external effect in the way I'm describing. Is this true? I've been trying for a few hours now and can't seem to make this work. Regards, DB
  11. Hey MJB, You're very welcome...and the best of luck with your decision. Keep in mind that often one of the hardest things to overcome in adapting to any new system of doing things is the bias we bring from our previous experience. Several times in evaluating Samplitude I was stopped cold wondering what the heck was going on only to eventually discover it to be something really easy...albeit just a bit different route to the same destination. The reasons that brought me here were a bit different from yours in that I have a very stable system. Apart from 1 issue in Samplitude that was reported resolved in version 10.2 (the DLV is 10.1 and cannot be updated while in trial mode), both Sonar and Samplitude run perfect on my system. For me it was more about poorly implemented features, poor resolution response, and the feeling that the general trend for a target market was more the novice home hobbyist. That's all good and well, just not personally what I'm looking for. I do hope you find some resolution to your DAW issues. And once again, I wish you the best on your decision to give Samplitude a try. Regards, DB
  12. Sebastian and Greg, thanks for the kudos. And thanks to all who have taken the time and effort to offer your feedback an opinions. I placed my order for Samplitude today. Regards, DB
  13. Hey MJB, I encourage you to try the download. I think you'll be impressed. I know I am. The learning curve may be a bit steep but don't let that discourage you. And yes, with only 1 exception in this entire thread, the discourse around here is very upbeat and helpful. Good luck! Regards, DB
  14. No sides here, holyjaguar. Hopefully, just reasonable people agreeing to disagree. I've put in a lot of hours over the last week evaluating Samplitude and my tendency is to agree that it's very good DAW software. Sonar is good DAW software too and I admire their protection/activation policy. Fortunately, for Samplitude 10 (not pro) the dongle is optional. If I purchase, this would be my route (though I do take objection to the installation of CodeMeter software without my permission). Many have no problems with dongles and 3rd party software. Many others do. Personally, there are other perfectly reliable protection schemes that make them unnecessary...and to lose a sale because you don't respect people who do have issues with dongles is, in my opinion, just plain silly. Regards, DB
  15. Received this from Magix regarding crossgrade options for the DLV: Not sure why I have to uninstall the DLV and purchase a crossgrade option just to get the same program installed, but no big deal I guess. Regards, DB
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