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  1. Hi,DB,..no offense mean`t,or,taken,I Can see your points.I`ve grown used to the thing,but,you seem to be moving right along with Sam. I`ll just read these posts,and,Learn myself.I am currently trying to get my Alesis usb kit to do it`s thing.Sam. is not a problem,but bfd,is.Good luck,and,if I can do anything to help,give me a shout.(I don`t think I`m using Sam.to the potential I could be),I have found that out Here. ...Mace...
  2. I,m golng to have to side with the dongl`ers,here, the free stuff,(Sam Project) had nothing except an(I do) agreement;Sam 7 had the `ol question/response.Samplitude V-8,came with the dongle,I tethered it to a usb extension,and,unless I need it for remote stuff,(which is rare)it has been there,on the mixing desk,winking merrily at me whenever I open "the Greatest Daw "out there.I have a humble private studio,mostly low budget equipment,but since I use one of the best digital recording tools,I get sound comparable to much more expensive equipment(it ain`t what you`ve got,it`s how you use it).That being said,if you are investing ,this Dongle issue is something you should Really wrestle with.Before 1999,I was Hardcore analog-Tape only-tube only,you see??I love my Samplitude 9. Soon to be 10, ...Mace... P.S. Samplitude does`nt look like a video game,or,a childs Toy,(like some universally utilized programs)just sayin,....
  3. Maybe try "freezing "tracks that have a high cpu load,?see if that stops the audio drops,... Mace ...
  4. Hello,to the Forum, I have been a Happy Samplitude user,since,ohh,2000,or,2001.First with a bundled copy of Sam project.(came with Terratec EWS 88D).Stopped using my;DoP;my Logic,(windows ver.),and,found out I could Lease Samplitude 7 pro. Leased for,.... Years,bought out lease in 2006,@Ver.9.I am planning to upgrade to Ver.10,as soon as I get the Alesis usb pro. kit paid off,and,figure out those damned trigger perimeters.anyway,Hey!!!...holyjaguar...Mace...
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