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  1. Thanks Tom, Greg and DB. It seems that I have my work cut out for me. I just found out that PreSonus does not have drivers for the FireStudio for Vista 64 yet. They probabley won't have it until the end of Febuary, at the earliest. So, it looks like I have to play the waiting game. I guess this gives me time to do my homework (thanks Tom ) All the best and thanks!
  2. Hey MJB, I encourage you to try the download. I think you'll be impressed. I know I am. The learning curve may be a bit steep but don't let that discourage you. And yes, with only 1 exception in this entire thread, the discourse around here is very upbeat and helpful. Good luck! Regards, DB I am so impressed with with how much people seem to care here and the level of helpful input. Thanks again - MJB
  3. Thanks for the info on the crossgrade, I'll give Bob Mondock at Sweetwater a call. I hate to be a pain, but there has been a new development and I wanted to check with you before I downloaded. I've just ordered a new computer (hoping that it will solve any future problems). Right now I have an Acer with a Core 2 duo 2ghz processor and 2 gb of ram. I have a 400 and a 160 gig hard drive and I'm using Presonus firestudio and DigiMax fs for a sound card. I'm running XP Pro the new computer is a Dell with a Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor with 2.33Ghhz per core. 6 Gb of DDR2 SDRAM. 750 GB hard drive and an external 1 TB hard drive. Vista 64 bit OS I'll use the same sound card and I do all my drum tracks with V-Drums triggering BFD 2. I make extensive use of the UAD-2 Quad card as well as EMI Abbey road Comp/Limiter and Nomad LM-622. I also use IK Multimedia ARC room correction as well as the Classik Studio Reverb, Miroslave Philharmonik and T-Racks 3. My Main reverb is Altiverb 6. Will I have a problem with any of this using Samplitude? Thanks
  4. Hey MJB, I encourage you to try the download. I think you'll be impressed. I know I am. The learning curve may be a bit steep but don't let that discourage you. And yes, with only 1 exception in this entire thread, the discourse around here is very upbeat and helpful. Good luck! Regards, DB And thanks to DB for the encouragement!
  5. Hi Tom, Thanks so much for the reply. I'll give it a shot. This forum, and you at Samplitude, definitely make one feel welcome and give me hope that, if there is a problem, it will be solved. Thanks so much. BTW, if this is the route that I decide to take, what would be more cost affective in purchasing Samplitude v10 pro? Crossgrade from Cubase 4 or an Academic version (my wife is a teacher and my son, who lives at home with us, is a theater major at Rhode Island College)? Thanks again!
  6. I'm sitting at my old computer waiting for a callback from Cubase tech support (5 hours now), Googling "Best Sounding DAW" and came up with Samplitude. I am seriously thinking of defecting. I have had Cubase 4 since it came out and have had a lot of problems, but as DB said, I don't want to trade one problem for another. I'll tell my story and see if anyone can address my fears. I have an Acer computer with a Core 2 Duo 2Ghz processor and two gigs of ram. I have a 400GB "C" hard drive and a 160 GB drive that I have my BFD 2 samples on. I have 24 faders of Mackie Control Universal Pro. I have a UAD-2 Quad card, with almost all of the plugins that they offer. I have an EMI Abbey Road compressor limiter, Nomad Fairchild compressor, Altiverb 6, Miroslav Philharmonic, BFD 2 and many other plugins. I use an LA 610 for my vocals (with a Soundelux 251 mic) and have many outboard preamps by Focusrite and Presonus as well as outboard effects. I use a Presonus FireStudio and DigiMax fs as my sound card. My work flow is very analog like. I lay the drums tracks using my V-Drums (kick snare and eight tom pads) to trigger BFD 2 and I use real cymbals and mic them. Then I export the multiple outs (snare, kick, hi/mid/low and floor toms, and overheads) to audio so that I can process them and take some load off of the cpu. I record the guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards and what ever else I need. I usually run about three plugs per track (Helios ot Neve EQ, 1176/LA 2A/LA 3A or Fairchild compressors, and sometimes a tape emulation), then I "freeze the tracks in Cubase (again, to free up cpu). I'll subgroup (vocals, drums, lead and rythm guitar, bass, and orchestrations) and use a compressor on that, but won't be able to freeze those. I use a stereo buss comp on the out as well as an ARC room correction program (while I'm mixing). Now...when I first got Cubase 4, it worked fine. Then, with updates, it got really buggy. I started getting awful ASIO time overloads. When I called Cubase support, they were so condescending. They talked down to me and were not very helpful. Of all the times that I talked to them, there was only one person who really tried to help. The answer always was "do a complete uninstall and then reinstall." Not having done this, I expressed my fear that I would lose all the work that I had done on a project. Instead of explaining it, to calm my fears of hours of lost work, all I got was "just do the uninstall and reinstall." After all that, they wound up rolling me back to a previous version and things started working again. I just finished a project that had 52 audio tracks at 96K/32 bit floating (which is what I normally record at). It had all the plugins, frozen tracks (that I mentioned before) and automation. No problem. Finished and mastered in T-Racks 3 and dithered with ozone's MBIT+. I noticed something that needed to be fixed with the drums and wanted to try my newly installed Miroslav Philharmonic to replace the cellos and French horns. I was getting huge ASIO overloads, so I called tech support and got the "update to 4.5.2" mantra (I was at 4.1.0). I explained how I was rolled back to a previous version in the past and had trepidations about updating, but I got the condescending monotone "you have to update." Well, I did and it's unusable. The CPU is spiked to the top and there is no sound. It wasn't like that before and my hardware has not changed (except for going from UAD-1 to a UAD-2 Quad, but I did the last project with it and there was no problem). So, there you have it. I want to record without all the bugs, pops, clicks glitches, etc. I want it to sound the best that it can and I don't want to spend even more money to get the same set of problems. Will Samplitude work with my system and be free from all these bugs so that I can just work without all these problems? I have to say that. after reading some of these posts, you people seem a LOT more helpful and polite. It's refreshing. Thanks
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