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  1. I would guess your first action should be to contact Magix probably using the contact details from their website. Explain exactly what happened and ask them to send the number to the correct address. Also ask what info they sent to the other email address. I don't see how your credit card details could have gone to this other address but if they have I suppose you should contact your credit card company.
  2. Thanks for those comments. Yes I do mean that I use vsti's in midi tracks. Several different ones experience problems including FM8. Also, why is SB's ASIO driver notorious? I could try using Asio4all or Magix Lola (although I am not familiar with it). Where in the display can I check buffer underrun or CPU overload?
  3. Whenever I try to use Samplitude now I have problems with sound quality. One or more of the midi tracks always stutters badly with sound playback problems. This seems to happen when using two or more midi tracks in a project. I'm not sure how to get smooth playback anymore. Should I try altering buffer settings? What other settings should I alter? I am running Win Vista on a decent spec pc with a SB Audigy SE sound card. Thanks for any comments.
  4. Thanks for your reply. After running some checks it seems my Asio driver is not being recognised, not by other programs either. I'm pretty sure the Audigy SE is an Asio card but I have had some difficulties getting it working with music software. I downloaded a new driver a couple of weeks ago. I am not clear how to configure the card to enable the Asio driver to be recognised. Any suggestions? I suppose Asio4all would work with samplitude.
  5. Hi I have just started using a version of Samplitude 10 and I am trying to configure the audio settings. I have an audigy SE soundcard. In the system settings I have tried all sorts of settings for Asio driver and without asio driver. However I cannot get a proper sound quality. With any vst instrument loaded it will sound when I play a note but only in a distorted gated type effect. I thought this might be to do with buffer settings but I have altered them repeatedly without any success. Can anyone suggest how to get the sound to function properly? What other settings should I adjust? Thanks very much for any guidance.
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