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  1. Hi Sascha

    I can't find it now but I remember a forum discussion about meters freezing and you had commented that you had fixed that. Is that a fact or did I just have a dream? My 12.2 has intermittent meter freeze it does not effect the audio so I am ignoring it but sometimes it get annoying is that a current known bug or am I the only one who has this issue?



  2. ¡De nada! The purple fader is the color for MIDI tracks, is automatically assigned when you add a new midi track or change an Audio Track in Midi Track. Could we have the return fader be green in color like on a real console or give us a color change panel for the different types of tracks I like what is there channels silver busses and auxes blue but returns should be green if you want to hold to traditional colors and I LIKE the wood and vintage look Just give us a look and feel control panel Otherwise get skin use it every day. Cheers
  3. Just downloaded your new skin I love the new look I would like to be able to change between and light grey and dark grey version other than that I think they are perfect Great job!! would you consider making a mixer skin that was geared towards the Mastering Engineer something along the lines of the Manley Backbone Here is a pic I'm sure I'm not the only mastering Engineer who would like something that simulated a mastering desk instead of the traditional mixer Let me know what your thoughts are Cheers Perry Lancaster
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