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  1. Kraznet, you were perfectly right. Thanks again ! A couple of things worth checking. Make sure that the tracks are set to audio and not midi. This is the only way you can record them directly into Samplitude. Even if the peak meters are registering it could be because they are receiving the midi signals. I don't know what version you're using but versions 10 and 11 have a midi button for each track in the track editor so check whether they are turned on or not. If you are using Samplitude or Samplitude Pro you may find it best to disable multi-CPU when recording these tracks as audio to get a better response. Regards Kraznet
  2. Actually I found out what it's all about. On each instrument line there's a parameter called "cell width" I guess........so when I opened the samp10 project in samp11 the cell width changed automatically to 25%. That's why I saw not the whole cells but only narrow vertical lines. Why samp11 did this I'm not sure, this must have been a bug or so. Thanks anyway
  3. Hi, I'm using BFD2 to record drums. I've routed HiHat, Snare, Kick, etc from inside BFD2 to separate tracks in samplitude and one of the tracks is actually a midi track. That's fine but these tracks got no objects but peakmeter indicates that they are streaming audio. Anyway, what I'd like to do next is to actually convert this to audio, so that I could stop using BFD2 and I'd have real Audio objects in these tracks. I tried arming the tracks for record and recording but no audio has been recorded. I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
  4. They weren't quantized and I wasn't zoomed out, in fact, I tried to zoom in and the problem was still there. Here at home with Samplitude 10 and the same project I've got no problems of this kind whatsoever. I don't have Samplitude 11 , but I can post what I'm trying to show you with Samplitude 10. The first file is what should have been seen. The second file is a reproduction of what I saw yesterday, instead of blocks, extremely narrow vertical lines. What I think it's strange is that it's the same file and the same project. Anyway I don't think it is a bug......
  5. Today I was trying out Samp 11 at a friend's place and when we opened a drum file with the drum editor the notes weren't displayed as blocks, as in Samplitude 10, but as thin dashes. Is it normal ? Thanks
  6. Thanks, midi object freeze was what I'd been searching for
  7. Hi, I've run into this problem today and I'm not really sure how I'm to proceed. I've already tried the manual but found nothing so far. I have a piano on a midi/audio combined track. So what I "see" are the midi notes....anyway, i'd like to EQ just this little part of it........but in the midi object editor I can't find such an option. On audio tracks I've never had problems adding effects to single objects, but now i'm clueless about what to do. Is the only solution to record the midi to audio and then apply the effect to the audio part ? Cheers Belf
  8. Hey guys, cheers for the support !
  9. Hi, I'm still testing Samplitude so I don't really know how to do everything I want, would be nice if you guys could help me on this one. I have BFD2 and as I'm no drummer nor good at it, I'd like to route every kit piece to a separate audio and midi track. To route it to different audio tracks wasn't difficult at all but I have no idea how to do it with midi tracks. I don't know if I'm being clear enough, I'd like something like this : Audio 1 - Kick Midi 1 - Kick Audio 2 - Snare Midi 2 - Snare As I said, I'm no drummer at all, so what I'd like to do is to first record kick, then snare, then cymbals and so forward. Instrument by instrument (And still be able to manipulate them via midi). If I try to do this now, for example I record only the kick, then when I want to record the snare, samplitude would in this case record it over the kick. Is there any solution for this problem ? Thanks
  10. Always on top ! Is it also possible to lock it as you say ?
  11. Hello, I'd like to know if there's a way to "lock" the transport-toolbar so that it doesn't always vanish whenever I click somewhere, say while in the midi editor. Cheers Belf
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