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  1. @werner Fantastic! It works! After updating everything I realised that the vst3 had installed in a weird folder, but once I'd found it and pointed Samp at it, everything works. I am so pleased. Thank you.
  2. I have ProX5 and SL7... I have managed to get 'Edit in SpectraLayers' working fine (launching external application) but no sign of any ARA2 integration. It still says on the Magix website that it is a feature of ProX5 (one of the reasons I upgraded...) but it doesn't seem to exist. I can see Kraznet said above that it is reported as fixed, but I can't see that it is. Help!
  3. Hi. I used to use Samplitude years ago and recently returned to it. It's fantastic to be back, but last night when I hit PLAY it suddenly blasted out at top volume and totally distorted. I immediately stopped playback, hit PLAY again and it was fine. I am quite scared by this as I suffer from tinnitus and don't really want unexpected loud noise. Do you know if this is a common thing or was I just very unlucky?
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