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  1. rraud

    Hi Tom,

    I feel honored to be working with you and thank-you for your attention to Sound Forge Pro.

    The iZotope Mastering Direct X Suite 2 can be downloaded from the link below.  I believe this came with Sound Forge Pro 10.  I also recall the iZotope Mastering Suite 1 came with SFP 9, which is the same, but does not have the exciter plug.. (which I do not use much anyway). OTOH, the original Wave Hammer is a favorite.. be it music (i love what it does to drums) and/or dialog.

    I have the reg # if you need them. Thanks again for your work.


  2. really? i guess w not speak from the same? do you still have an installer of what you mean? can you send me a link to it? i want to try
  3. can you give me an example? what kind of template and where do you saved your own templates? you saved in a default directory or in a directory you created?
  4. the 32 bit plugins should run in the 64 bit version of sf too. they run with the bridge. that means you should be able to use izotope master and repair also with sf pro 12 64 bit. you need to insert the vst folder where izotope is installed to the prefernces vst scan folders
  5. TomW

    Keymaps are gone

    seems there should be an improvment in user saved file handling. could be an improvment for later.
  6. will be fixed in next update, already fixed in my build
  7. i hope i understand right. you saved some user templates and they are not shown in sf pro 12?
  8. yes you can install both. but please take latest build. you can take the free trial from website
  9. please send me an email twolf@magix.net you will get a new serial, the old versions are no longer working with SF Pro 11 serial
  10. and vegas 15 64 bit isworking fine at you? we couldnt find any difference in the wave driver communication... it is a really hard bug, hard to find... i tried to contact somebody from scope, but i did not get any awner yet.
  11. did you tried the 64bit version or the 32 bit version? can you check the 32 bit version too?
  12. hello sirbil, i already got your email. Is it possible that you use a sonic core audio interface? an other usernamed davey, also here in the beta group had the same issue. i am in contact with him to solve that issue. If you also have any contact persons at sonic, maybe you can get me in contact with them? I really need to talk with them. Thank you very much. Tom
  13. it is possible that we found that bug. we would like to send you a beta version that you can test it. so if you already deleted the registry key then you can recover it with installing the key again. so you can reproduce this crash. then i will give you a beta version with a bugfix and we can check if the bug is also fixed for you
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