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  1. really? i guess w not speak from the same? do you still have an installer of what you mean? can you send me a link to it? i want to try
  2. can you give me an example? what kind of template and where do you saved your own templates? you saved in a default directory or in a directory you created?
  3. the 32 bit plugins should run in the 64 bit version of sf too. they run with the bridge. that means you should be able to use izotope master and repair also with sf pro 12 64 bit. you need to insert the vst folder where izotope is installed to the prefernces vst scan folders
  4. TomW

    Keymaps are gone

    seems there should be an improvment in user saved file handling. could be an improvment for later.
  5. will be fixed in next update, already fixed in my build
  6. i hope i understand right. you saved some user templates and they are not shown in sf pro 12?
  7. yes you can install both. but please take latest build. you can take the free trial from website
  8. please send me an email twolf@magix.net you will get a new serial, the old versions are no longer working with SF Pro 11 serial
  9. and vegas 15 64 bit isworking fine at you? we couldnt find any difference in the wave driver communication... it is a really hard bug, hard to find... i tried to contact somebody from scope, but i did not get any awner yet.
  10. did you tried the 64bit version or the 32 bit version? can you check the 32 bit version too?
  11. hello sirbil, i already got your email. Is it possible that you use a sonic core audio interface? an other usernamed davey, also here in the beta group had the same issue. i am in contact with him to solve that issue. If you also have any contact persons at sonic, maybe you can get me in contact with them? I really need to talk with them. Thank you very much. Tom
  12. it is possible that we found that bug. we would like to send you a beta version that you can test it. so if you already deleted the registry key then you can recover it with installing the key again. so you can reproduce this crash. then i will give you a beta version with a bugfix and we can check if the bug is also fixed for you
  13. can you save the regkey:Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MAGIX\Sound Forge Pro\12.0 ? with File->Export... then you can send me the regkey and you can rename and or delete this key and try again with scanning.
  14. can you check this with the latest build: https://extern.magix.com/pdl/download?id=ys84y54oqwxlhaxuiqy0w1ezs&Password=68r3Tk9T
  15. Update: latest build can be found here: https://extern.magix.com/pdl/download?id=ys84y54oqwxlhaxuiqy0w1ezs&Password=68r3Tk9T Dear beta user, we are happy and proud to provide you our release candidate for SOUND FORGE Pro 12. you can download an iso image with the installer to our SOUND FORGE DVD Installer. http://dl04.magix.net/iso-images/RETAIL-Cxxxx_SFP12_US_CH1_180309_16-43.iso You can easy download it, mount it as dvd drive and start the start.exe. You will have the possibility to install 64 bit / 32 bit of SOUND FORGE Pro 12, Ozone Elements, Rx Elements, Impulse Responses for Accustic Mirror, Noise Reduction Pack... We was working hard in the last time on VST improvements and lots of issues you reported to us. We could not include all of your feedback but the version is now much more stable and we have a very good feeling with the release. We still have time for improvments on stability so your feedback will be gold worth for us. Thank you very much for your help and your confidence. Tom - Team SOUND FORGE
  16. thanks fabn, as always a very good report. all your reports will come to our development board. and we will take care about. Best Tom
  17. TomW

    Initial findings

    thanks Rick! the high dpi problem shuld be fixed with preview 4. that your plugins are not running is because you not run the regAplugins.bat as admin in command prompt of total commander or cmd shell. all plugins have to be registred, what normaly the installer makes. but we still have no installer available yet. i think next preview5 will have an installer.
  18. hello, is this issue now finished? or is there something to do still? I am not sure if everything works now as it should.
  19. DO you mean SOUND FORGE Audio Studio? or the Pro Version?
  20. Thanks for your report. We will go on the hunt :-)
  21. For those who dont want to wait until next week: https://extern.magix.com/pdl/download?id=xag5v1wwaznacbqbekdu6f6nu&Password=QQHoZplw VST3 should work now not only in preview mode. We have some problems while scanning vst plugins, we will look into it and for this problems there will be an update later. mp3 and ogg export was fixed. We also work on an installer, for a more comfortable beta version for you. I wish you all a nice weekend. Best regards Tom
  22. Hello Thanks for all your feedback and a happy new year. I was in holiday but now i am back in the office and i will take care about all the feedback. VST3 is just in development. next week i will provide a newer preview. and your feedback always will be read dont worry. thats why we are here. i will take all the feedback to the backlog and then we work on it. That was just the first early preview :-) and i its good that we test it in that early phase of development, then we have time to react on it. Thanks so much for the feedback.
  23. Dear Beta User, we have a first preview version for SOUND FORGE Pro 12 ready to download. forge_x64_v12.zip -> https://extern.magix.com/pdl/download?id=st9fr9c5kmcj1pnqou7ly5kwy&Password=MtYCbGCg It is the first 64 bit version of SOUND FORGE Pro. You can just download the zip file, unpack the zip file to a folder of your choice. Then you need to run a batch named: regAplugins.bat You can use your SOUND FORGE Pro 11 serial. Please ffel free to work with this version. It is the first 64 bit version and that means a wide range of changes in the code so it is mandatory to test this new version very extensive. Please report us all bugs. What is also included in this preview. You have now the possibility to use POW-r Dithering in the Bit Depth Converter. And it is possible to scan vst3 plugins. SO if you have any vst3 plugins you can see in now after scan and open it. Until now only the Preview funtionality is working. More comes soon. I am very happy to provide you this version very early so that all your feedback will affect the development. Lets make together a stable and valuable V12. I wish you all a nice Christmas time.
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