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  1. Does Samplitude 10 Pro have a facility to manage external MIDI Instrument definitions? If so, how? If have a Motif ES7 and a Roland JV-2080.
  2. I'm hoping this is not the case. I just purchased SamPro and ordered a new I7 computer. Quad core capable of 8 threads.
  3. I'm having difficulty with the Active section control in the bottom of the Track View. Whenever I select the double arrow or any of the the other controls I get a pop-up window with "Section to Beginning" menu? Is this right. The control for sections works on the bottom of the screen. Please take a look at the attached screenshot. Sorry if this is something obvious, I'm definitely a newbie. Thanks, Rick section.zip
  4. I'm seeing a couple of threads referring to lack of stability or functionality in mulitcore systems. I'm planing om purchasing both Samplitude Pro and a new computer. I'm looking at the I7 CPU. I'm planning on running XP until most of my VST and drivers are update to run on 64. Can some give me definitive information on how Samplitude utilizes a four core (8 threads) system? Thank you, Rick Shapiro
  5. I have to tell you folks I'm very impressed. I have them all, Live, Sonar, Reaper and Tracktion among other midi specific environments Project 5, Reason and FL Studio. I did my first session in Music Studio and found the workflow and audio engine just great. I know others have said this but man if Samplitude Pro was priced in the range of Sonar Professional and Cubase it would eat substantial market share. Anyway I'm still on the border financially to making the commitment, I'm a sophisticated hobbiest but a hobbiest never the less and it is a substantial purchase. Thanks everybody for commenting on this thread.
  6. I'm considering moving from my current DAW product to Samplitude Pro. I really want to get some realtime experience learning the workflow and application. Rather then use the limited time demo I'm thinking about picking up Music Studio 14 and doing some small projects. Does Studio 14 workflow and menus sufficiently match those of Pro for leaning purposes?
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