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  1. Hi Frank, Couldn't find anything relevant on the main boards - could you answer one more question? Can Samplitude do Midi Fx? I am used to inserting Midi fx into soft synth channels so as to real time manipulate the midi data i.e in other daws ( Cubase ableton, sonar) you can just drop in a midi effect - say arp or chordater or any midi filters- and that will effect any midi data output to the soft synth in question. I guess this might be done using two channels in Samplitude by one channel routed to an effect and then routing that channel to soft synth channel? - but it seems kinda 'kludgey' Am I wrong and can you put me right? thanks for your time Pootler
  2. DITTO. I just hover over it and if I don't recognize the url - delete!! Good luck to others Pootler
  3. IN case anyone still listening on this topic - I mentioned I'd check out Livelab's Liveslice - heres a brief report. It is very cool. Use it as an instrument or as an effect in Samp ( or any DAW)and it syncs any loop you put into it automatically to the host tempo. You can have up to 64 loops inside it at any time - it lets you import any tempo-embedded stuff as well as stretching non-embedded material. It also lets you save stuff in Acid format! Some nice and interesting real time manipulation. Great for sound design and well .. just mashing stuff up if thats your thing! Pootler
  4. THank you Frank for the reply. Its nice to know newbies are lsitened to on the newcomers forum. I shall wait keenly for V11 Pootler(( now all I have to do is find out how to close this question! )
  5. THanks for the reply Greg. I'm always fascinated by the way useful features like these are picked up on so slowly by the major sequencers - when in other areas they seem to be keeping a close eye on the others development. But Hey - no sequencers perfect, part of the fun is trying to figure out a 'not too kludgey' workaround. Am looking at livelab's liveslice as an vst insert - heard of it?- seems interesting Will check out music maker - Acoustica mixcraft does this pretty well as well. Pootler
  6. Hello all. This is my first post and is based upon a quick run through samplitude 10 Having used other daws, I am very accustomed to being able to explore various audio loops ( not all tempo-embedded) via a browser and being able to drag an drop these into the timeline with the loops locking to host tempo automatically. In the past I have mainly done this with ACID files, but a number of daws can do this using an educated guess on (short) non tempo-embedded files. Can samplitude be configured to do this ? In my brief look, all I have been able to do is drag a loop from the browser, then when I set it to loop in the timeline, and go back to the browser to add further loops, I cannot a) preview further loops at the host tempo and locked to the loop already in the timeline once I audition further loops in the browser it cuts out the audio from the first loop that was already dragged in to the timelene so I cannot listen to the combibation of sounds I'm sure there must be workarounds but is there anyway of achieveing this? i.e to be able to drag and drop loops AUTOMATICALLY into the timelene without having to do any tempo/beat calculations or mouse clicks prior to dragging? Any help would be appreciated Sharon
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