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  1. I'm not using 7 for experimentation. It's my primary operating system. It's been faster and more stable than any release of Vista for me, and I've been using it for months now.
  2. I know this thread is a bit old, but here's a reply anyway. OP, I can almost assure you the problem is buffer-related. If the buffer on your soundcard is set too low or high, you'll get the weird, choppy, distorted sound you're describing. If you're using a WDM or other Windows-based driver, your buffer will have to be set significantly higher than if you're using ASIO. When I used WDM, I believe I had mine set to around 5,000. If you use ASIO, which is recommended, it can be much lower. 512 or 256, even. If you're not getting sound when using ASIO4ALL, try tweaking the settings from within ASIO's GUI. I've found that you have to enable and/or disable some aspects of your sound card to get sound sometimes. For example, on my laptop, I have to disable SPDIF output, enable HIGH-DEFINITION SPEAKER output, and make sure they both have the green, lit-up "power" icons next to them. Just play around with ASIO, I assure you it'll work great when you figure it out! Oh, and also, CLOSE ALL OTHER AUDIO-RELATED PROGRAMS BEFORE OPENING SAMPLITUDE. This includes iTunes, Winamp, etc.!
  3. Thanks, Roger. Pity people seem to be running into so many problems with Samplitude and Sequoia in 7. Luckily, it looks like most of the problems revolve around burning CDs and such, which I don't generally bother doing within a DAW anyway. I suppose only time will tell how well Samplitude ends up working in 7 for me. Just seems weird to me that such an expensive DAW wouldn't be inherently compatible with 7... I've had no problems installing or running any other DAW in 7 yet, and I've tried a whole bunch of them, even the smaller, "no-name" ones.
  4. I'm sure there are probably 600 threads on this topic, but I didn't happen to see any in search, so I apologize. A friend had a demo version of Samplitude, so I tried to give it a shot on my system here... I'm on Windows 7 beta, build 7000. The installer would not even run, saying it was not compatible with "Unknown," which I assumed meant "Windows 7." I ended up running the installer in Vista compatibility mode, and it worked out just fine, and then the program EXE itself (SAM10_E.exe) worked fine without using a compatibility mode. Will the installer for a newer build of Samplitude 10 work natively in Windows 7 64-bit? More importantly, does it matter? Samplitude seems to be running okay at the moment, but I'd obviously like to avoid compatibility issues and provide the best possible performance for Samplitude. Thanks a bunch! EDIT- Also, I went through all of the steps in the Samplitude forum for running in 64-bit. They did not solve my problem. The only thing that allowed the installer to run was running it in Vista compatibility mode right within Windows.
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