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  1. Well, I *think* I figured it out. If I'm doing it wrong someone let me know... You have to create your midi track. Then record that midi track to an audio track. Then add fx to the audio track and mute the midi track. So when you build a song you're going to have two of each track, one midi and one audio. Then you mute all the midi and mixdown the audio. I guess... I'm coming from Cool Edit Pro so working with midi is new to me. Pretty cool though.. editing will be so much easier.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I do know that midi is just number instructions, no real sound. Here's what I have: I have a Motif ES8 connected by a Roland USB midi interface to the computer. Then I have the audio output going into a small mixer and from the mixer into the computer with a USB audio interface. So I have a midi connection and an audio connection. Both work like they're suppose to and I can record and playback midi and sound data. I've selected the ASIO driver and the ASIO full duplex. I set monitoring to manual at the bottom of the driver dialog because I was getting a echo when recording. So on a new track I hit the midi button and record something. Then I go back and hit the fx button, go to plugins and add a plugin to pre and post at different times to try it out. So when I play it back with the effect added shouldn't I hear the effect with my setup the way it is? Also, should I have the routing under fx set to pan/post fx or one of the other settings? Thanks for any help.
  3. I'm a new user of Samplitude 10 trying to apply an effect to a midi track. I have my keyboard hooked up through midi and am able to record a track to samplitude. I've applied effects to the track though the tracks FX button but when I play back the track there are no effects that I can hear. I've tried both pre and post. How do you apply effects to a midi track and be able to play it back and hear the effect? Thanks for any help.
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