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  1. Good morning Greg, thank's for your efforts. No, till now I'm not a registred samplitude owner: I'm just looking for a new DAW, I've used Mackie's traktion but that one seem to be dead. So, there are three DAWs that are of further intrest: Samplitude REAPER sonar and I've three features that I compare between the three. 1. Crossfade between two clips in different traks. Interesting issue. None ist supporting that in a direct way but with a little trick reaper is doing, sonar nearly and samplitude ... I don't know ;-) 2. Routing of the filter and effects. I'm rather sad to miss the way traktion does. That is really impressing easy. 3. Templates for filters and chain effects: You will say: just save as presets. No, I would like to have the used filters absolutely depending on the presets: when changing a preset, all the used filter that have initial used the same preset will follow ( for example just the way microsoft word is using the templates: changing the *.dot will chand the depending *.doc). But that is a feature none of the three is supporting (as fas as I know). I believe, I'have to mix all the three by myself (lol) , horst
  2. Greg, Yes, I've read the help file forward and backward, layed it under my pillow - but I don't understand what is going on :-( . Nothing works like I'm expecting: As far as I've seen it with many other DAWs overlapping of two clips (the same trak) would perform a simple crossfade. I'm not able to perform that. Sometimes I manage to perform a kind of crossfade by using the Crossfade Editor but not within the beginning / end of the overlappping part of the two clips. And after that, when moving the clips in the way that there is no overlapping, there is a fade in / out remaining with the clips. I don't understand the whole sytem of crossfading with samplitude, sorry. horst
  3. Hi Greg, ok, I think, I'm doing something wrong: - I higlight the two clips - Group them (both keep that orange colour) - But clicking at 'Crossfade editor' will change the color of the first clip to grey and after applying the fading only appears with the second clip. horst
  4. Hi, just looking for a new software: is it possible to perform automatic crossfade between two clips that are part of two different traks? horst
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