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  1. I can't really be comprehensive because I don't have that version of Samplitude, but here's my two cents.... First, are you stipulating a multi-out setup from within EZDrummer, from the Mixer page, down by the outputs? That's important. Also, do you not get the opportunity to choose multiple tracks out of the VSTi when you create the new track in Samplitude? Lastly, you might check out Kraznet's very cool tutorial videos, particularly the one on making Jamstix work in Samplitude. That one might answer your questions. Cheers.
  2. I've been spending this morning acquainting my Kenton Control Freak with Teh Samp. Even though there is theoretically a profile for the Freak, and I have played mightily with various configurations of selectable MIDI data options, the results are, um, twitchy at best. There are very few things I miss about my passing acquaintance with FL Studio -- but I will say this. They made it possible to simply right-click on ANY visible parameter, select "Learn," wiggle your controller and BAM, parameter learned. That's a jaw-dropping attribute, omg what a simple, intuitive workflow. It seems rather more complicated in Samplitude. But I keep working at it! Cheers all. EDIT: Okay, for future searchers of this thread... The trick is that the "Learn" button (this is in the Hardware Controller setup menu) must be HELD DOWN AS you wiggle the hardware controller. Thank you, Users Manual, for this crucial bit of information -- NOT!!!! I found it by trial and error. Also (and this was in the manual), once a controller has been properly assigned, THEN you can start to reassign it to wherever you want via the mixer's "Learn Hardware Controller" option. I will say that Samplitude's instantiation of "ghost" faders until one latches onto the position of the fader in your mix is pretty frackin' brilliant. An elegant solution to the problem of those without motorized controllers. Cheers, Samp team!
  3. Lol. I had an Ensoniq Mirage. You had to learn MARTIAN to interface with your sampler. That's a great idea, Sascha. It should have occurred to me. I haven't looked into the external hardware capacities of Samp yet, but I will today. Much still to learn about Samplitude. Thank you and cheers!
  4. Don't know if this will be any good for you, Mr Planet. http://www.audiodamage.com/effects/product.php?pid=AD006 I have purchased two of Audio Damage's products recently and they do the job. No demos but they give a refund if you don't like them. Thanks, Mudflat! Yes that's a particularly nice company, most of their stuff is quite ace, IMHO, but alas, though that's a great delay, and does offer distortion, it doesn't do quite the same thing. And unlike a feedback setup that you've rigged yourself, you can't tailor the kind of distortion (or insert some other kind of effect altogether). That plug's still great for a lot of situations though. Delays that morph over time have a strange, disproportionate fascination to them, at least to my ears, and they just sound more like a record to me. For some weird reason (actually weird too-specific reasons related to the way the brain evolved and the reasons it pays attention to particular sounds in the environment, but WAY too geeky for here) it's just much more noticeable than a static delay, it retains interest longer, just makes the mix seem more alive. Thanks for the tip, though; I'm interested to try anyone's suggestions. Cheers and thanks again.
  5. Thank you both for the interesting replies! My apologies if I seemed a little cranky. I suppose I'm carrying irritation from my years with Cubase and their attitude toward their customers, which is rather unfair. The software side of the subject has interesting angles I hadn't considered. Thank you for illuminating it, Sascha, that was an in-depth reply and I appreciate it. And thanks Greg, I thought I knew most of the delay plugins, but perhaps a good one has escaped my notice. If it turns out it's possible to "trick" Samp this way, I'm going to feel extra silly, but that would be great news. Cheers to all.
  6. Actually, I prefer to be treated like an adult by companies that makes my audio gear. Not like a child who doesn't understand the consequences of routing (though I appreciate that your remark was humorous). Clearly, this is what the Pro Tools and Reaper folks do, at least in this case. Does Digidesign "protect" their customers' hearing? Does API or SSL prevent feedback routing in their desks to protect their customers' hearing? Um, no, rather, all of them create professional gear for professionals who, you know, have a clue what they're doing. They design for flexibility. Options. Creativity. For adults. For those who are careless, Reaper has an optional auto-shutoff that will mute the master buss if a certain decibel level is approached. If you are the Sascha that programmed the bundled plugins, then you have my deep appreciation and respect. They're quite good. Though it's a wee bit disquieting that the designer of a delay plugin does not seem to recognize the value of this technique, common on physical mixing boards, and taken advantage of so frequently simply because the result is so obviously head and shoulders above mirror echoes that simply reduce in amplitude. Cheers.
  7. Hi folks! The titles pretty much say it all. Though it's available in Pro Tools and Reaper, I think it's probably unlikely that Samp 10 offers feedback routing -- I've not been able to find it, if so -- but I thought I'd ask anyway, with a clear statement of my goal: Degenerative delays. It's really important to me that I have a way to insert the effect of my choice on feedback returns, so that with each progressive repeat, the sound is progressively altered. For me, this makes the delays vastly more effective, thus requiring less overall space in the mix, if this degradation or change is happening. So the question is this: Is there a way to do this in Samp 10 Pro, or must I jump over to Reaper or PT for my ITB delays? Thanks for your help! Cheers.
  8. That's a remarkably kind offer, Kraznet, but I seem to be managing to put together a faster workflow. The issues that puzzle me get answered through a combination of Google searches of this forum, the user's manual, and of course your videos. Nothing really lasts long enough as a question to be worthy of a post. I'm just a bit surprised this knowledge isn't centralized. I'll bear your generous offer in mind, however, in case I run up against an area that truly mystifies me. It's so curious. I think this is a very smart, well-designed audio app and I'm a bit surprised both at the lack of awareness of it among audio professionals and the somewhat hapless presentation of it in the marketplace and the web -- which of course is something your own work is obviously starting to change. It just seems an odd combination of extraordinary competence and curious lack of attention. But then I'm new to the show and probably should just keep my trap shut until I've absorbed all the different pieces of the puzzle. At any rate, thanks again.
  9. Thanks for that, Greg. Cheers, everyone.
  10. Thanks, Mudflat. Yes, it's true the videos are incredibly helpful -- Kraznet's videos, in particular are stunningly friendly and useful (I hope he got paid for those) -- but alas, there are many basic questions that are not answered. As many of the questions in this subforum indicate, actually. The users manual, informative as it is, does not seem to offer any "quickstart" approaches to basic queries either. Its language is in fact, contrary to its seeming purpose, rather obfuscatory. If it's the case that there aren't a handful of good FAQs about, then it is what it is. It just seems a bit....odd. Cheers.
  11. Hi folks. As I'm learning my way around Samp 10 Pro for the first time, and having a strong desire to avoid burdening the fine members of this forum with basic questions, I was wondering if someone might kindly provide the links to basic Samp 10 FAQs and resources. They were provided in this old thread ( http://support.magix.net/boards/magix/inde...&pid=212223 ) but alas, they are dead links. Also, btw, for those new to the program such as myself, abandon hope all ye who attempt to search for topics via this forum's search capabilities. Much MUCH more effective to go to Google's advanced engine and put http://support.magix.net/boards/ in the "Site" field. Cheers all!
  12. Very cool. Thanks for spelling it out, Greg, that's very helpful. Cheers.
  13. Thanks Sebastian. No, I just got the box and installed it. The problem was that I didn't apply all the patches, I just jumped to 10.1 like a nitwit. I think that confused it. Downloaded all of them, installed them in the right order, and now I'm up at 10.21 and everything's peachy. Thanks for your help anyway! OMG, I am so digging this app. Cheers.
  14. Pilot error, as is usual with this sort of thing! NEVER MIND!!! I am so LOVING this app. Cheers all!
  15. I hate to sound like a broken record, and worse, have nothing original to say, but these tutorials are fantastic. After trying out Samp 10 for the past couple weeks at a friend's shop, and greedily devouring all of your videos, I've been sold. I just purchased Samp 10 Pro. Many many years of Cubase, a year of Reaper, and I've never seen so many great ideas implemented so well. Thank you so very much for making so many aspects of the program clear and easy to understand. Cheers!
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