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  1. How many VSTi? Music Studio is limited to 8, and 64 tracks. What is the advantage of Producer over music studio?
  2. I would like to see a midi indicator as in the sample image i attached.
  3. This free plugin works very nice and i believe can achieve what you want: http://hem.bredband.net/tbtaudio/archive/f...apestop_1-7.zip here is the description: http://www.kvraudio.com/get/826.html
  4. As far as i understand, is not a very complicated thing, just a trick to avoid to have lots of track for a single instruments because articulations and keyswitches, even their expression maps are just xml files. Even if it is propietary, i dont believe it is, VST is too, and you know, we are using it. Best Regards.
  5. Would like to know too. The vstexpression from cubase appear a very interesting idea to take.
  6. Samplitude Music Studio has the same interface than the major versions of Samplitude. Appear that Music Maker has a different one. Also, i believe that there are little but powerfull features that make the difference. By example, you dont have an Score Editor (in my case very important). Also it has less fx and aux number available to fill (2). Is possible that there are other differences not listed that make Music Studio more powerfull. Download the demos and see by yourself is the best you can do, i believe, and found wich one works for you. Best Regards.
  7. Hi. I want to report to anyone interested, that you can control Samplitude in a very nice way with a Gamepad cheap controller. Using an old program called "VMidiJoy" you can map all the button and axes to any function inside Samplitude. I have mapped the buttons to play, record, arm tracks, solo them, zoom vertical and horizontal, and is really handy. The bad thing is that now is hard to convice my wife im working... The freeware Vellocet VMidiJoy program (for usb or serial controllers there are different versions) is here: http://vellocet.com/software/VMIDIJoY.html And here is how the buttons become mapped (using the JLCooper mode):
  8. Thanks, good to know! Yes, i believe that always is room for improve. One thing that can be improved, imho, is to be able to manage the bar markers in the PIANO-ROLL in the same way you do that on the main track view. This could be handy if you are aligning to midi-events, since Samplitude dont have in-line edition, and the Piano-roll is more accurate displaying. Best Regards.
  9. Hi. i have been using Samplitude Music Studio for a while now, and really this $89 program dont stop impressing me. I have been always needing some way of keep the tempo of real performances on piano (ralentando/accelerando, free improvisations without care about the metronome, etc) instead of drawing them or programming them after play with the metronome. From the "Remix agent" to the Bar markers and elastic mode of midi objects, i cant say how much usefull and powerfull this tools are. They are a little hidden to the first look, but them alone are a great value. I come to the Samplitude because the nice score editor i was missing in others program, but really each day i discover more value on it. Thanks to developers for this tools. I appreciate them very much. Best Regards
  10. Thanks your help. No, you cant open them in other file editor while you have open the project. You need to close the project you are working, to un-lock the files, and then you can edit. That said, im realizing that there is not much need to use an external wav editor. I will be fine for most times. Thanks again.
  11. Yes, i know and i see is very powerfull and handy, and most things can be done there. But that`s not my question For some things, and maybe because im costumed to it, i prefer to use an external wave editor. Additionaly, there are also some few options Music Studio miss. Thanks your help. Best Regards.
  12. Hi. Sometimes i need to open a wav file for edit in an external wav editor. Is there a way to do that from inside Samplitude? I have tryied that, but unfortunelly the files are locked and not available for open with another program until i close the project. Thanks any tip you can give me. Best Regards.
  13. The videos are ok for a main overall view of how the program works. Thanks! But i dont think it can replace the forum, and even to know some pals working similar to what you work. In my case, and im seeing others, im not new to computer music. Im starting with MS15 in a way to know better samplitude. I would like to be part of this forum. Best Regards.
  14. Hi. I have bought the Samplitude Music Studio 15. As happens when you start with a new program, i had some questions about it. I have posted them in the forum that Magix pointed in their help pages. But, i must say, it`s too quiet over there. Also, i have noted that Samplitude MS15 is very similar to the other Samplitude versions, only differences are some limitations (number of VSTi and that), so i found much more helpfull this forum than the other one. Even i can read the information is here, i would like to see a forum section of Samplitude MS15 here, where the experienced Samplitude users can see the questions, and help is needed. Im feeling too much alone in the other forum Additionally, Samplitude users could benefit from some tricks newbies like me can found! By example, i pointed here how to organize the VSTi, that are not sorted by folders and subfolders like the VST fx. Well, what do you think? TIA
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