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  1. Hello magical sampliquoians!!! Any inputs from you is requested and welcome, including balanced, unbalanced, opinions and experiences. Love and Peace Lindsey Would like: Share at no cost: some mechanism to listen for free Share with cost: get some money from those who are willing to license or purchase a copy Retain rights: ideally have a mechanism for willing artists to license original creations for their own use performing or recording.
  2. Dear Magixal friends, Happy Holidays & Joyous New Year to you and yours!!! Thank you for community Love to you all!! Linz
  3. This to formally request that MAGIX examine the RME forum as a best in class example of responsive customer support for profesional and semi-professional products (same product user-based categories as Sequoia and Samplitude). https://www.forum.rme-audio.de/index.php RME management and people exemplify the timely communicative response and the associated commitment to provide timely technical solutions that are needed to support RME product users in meeting the very demanding needs of the professional and semi-pro audio environment. Every relevant thread is responded to, even if it's just to say: "Read The Manual" Thank you for your consideration. Lindsey Waddell
  4. now try an RME UFX+ and you will be reaching for your credit card both AD & DA are critical in creating the sought after airy realism
  5. I do not know about this however Kraznet uses some software to record tutorials. Perhaps you could use it to accomplish the purpose... Kraz??
  6. This to formally request that MAGIX consider formally surveying it's customer base as an input to future products and services. What inspired this request was an email from the dark side (PT's "father" ) that led to this link: https://www.research.net/r/ACA_Vote_2016 Thank you for your consideration. Lindsey Waddell
  7. Just click where it has a little clockface and says "x minutes/hours ago" and it will take you to drectly the most recent post
  8. For the time being, feel free to use four letter words when searching:)
  9. I'm curious... why not just commit more tracks? They're cheap:) Also could A/B easily that way between drums or grouped kits...
  10. NEVER MIND! FIGURED IT OUT!!! Just click where it has a little clockface and says "x minutes/hours ago" NICE!!! THANK YOU It's better than before! Linz for hysterical reasons I'll leave my OP: Hi Tom, Feature request: Load most recent page. (is this an (albeit minor) issue for anyone else) Is there some way to give us back the ability to go directly to the current (most recent) page for topics with more than one page? For example this topic has 2 pages, soon to be 3. When I load my bookmarked forum (Unread Content, Showing all Content) and choose a topic, it loads the 1st page of the post, I then have to scroll to the bottom : "<< PREV [1] [2] Page 2 of 2" and select in this case 2, to reach the current (most recent) page. It would be nice to make this selection while the list of topics is displayed and save a few paw prints. Alternately if the most recent page loaded as default, then those seeking history could select the older pages after seeing the newest... On the "old" forum it was possible to make the selection from the List of topics: "Unread Content, Showing all Content" . Thank you!!! Linz
  11. I was able to login OK. Linz
  12. Hi Tom, Good luck and much skill on the upgrade!
  13. Hi Mathias, Thank you for the quick answer! I will gladly wait for a fully cooked pie:) I see that we will be getting Melodyne essentials version with the Sampy suites version. Can you tell me whether the full version of Melodyne also intregrates with Sampy? Best Regards, Linz
  14. Hi Mathias, When will US pricing be available for Pro X3 Suite? The English sites only refer to X2... Thanks, Linz
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