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  1. That is good news. Some other good news is that the next release of AATranslator in a week or so will have a PTF export function which will allow a conversion to ProTools which will convert heaps more than any AAF or OMF ever could eg track names, fades, bpm, markers, track automation (volume, pan & mute) and even some fade types. But if you only need the basics at least you have worked out how it's done - well done and thanks for sharing. Thanks for the feedback Castellanos.
  2. Yep - OMF2 was written to fix OMF1 and I guess AAF was supposed to do the same for OMF2. A few minutes with Google and you can see which daws have success (or not) reading AAFs from other daws I guess there will be an AAF2 soon enough
  3. Yes it will output a PT5 file which contains far more detail than any AAF or OMF and can be read by later versions of PT An AAF or OMF is great if 1. You really only want the very basics converted - and I mean the basics No markers, no fade types, no bpm, no gain , pan or mute automation/envelopes, etc, etc 2. You think it might have a chance of being read by another daw 3. you like to live life on the edge You can send me your VIP and/or your EDL Your choice
  4. Unfortunately AAF is an even bigger marketing con than OMF and it is even more poorly implemented by most daws. This is not just the fault of these daws but lets save that for another time. AATranslator is your best bet but if this is just a one-off then you can always take advantage of our conversion offer. Send us your VIP or a Samplitude EDL (or both) and we will convert it for you and if you are happy with the results then you can just make a donation via our web site. You decide the amount and if eventually you end up spending the equivalent of a licence we will just give you a licence. AATranslator
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