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  1. ReFuse Software:LOWENDER LOWENDER cool tool for sub and normal bass
  2. ok ill have to wait then till v11 i tried the timer test --------------------------- Timer TGT vs QPC Test will take about 20 seconds. ........................................ delta TGT-QPC: 15483.7ms which is a relative error about % 342.84 ---------------------------- but what does it mean? thanks
  3. ok ill have to wait then till v11
  4. hello im testing sampl.10 everything is ok,but not midi when i record midi,everything gets piled up, i mean ,what notes i record,they are not recorded on a timeline,they are getting piled up. i use an edirol ua25ex i know from other applications ,that there was a setting(for midi): use system timestamp i cannot find this in sam10 plz help (midi is useless now) thank you
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