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  1. Thanks Bill, I have been reading a little more about total mix, I might have to give in and use it.
  2. That's EXACTLY it Tekker, I could do the same. Does anyone know where there is a flow chart or block diagram available for the mixer? I thought I saw one somewhere when I was first thinking of jumping on Samp, but haven't been able to find it since.
  3. Still having an issue with this, Does anyone here have a RME Fireface and use Sam 10pro to feed heaphones via the Aux's?
  4. I would sign up here: http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/register_product.html even if you have done it before, then after the confirmation email stuff is done you should be able to login here and reg. your product. Hope this helps Myke
  5. So just search in the pdf "Monitor volume fader", but yes TotalMix should be very usefull JMM K, I will download it now. Thanks a bunch for the help guys, I am crossing over from Sawstudio and a few thing need me to change my usual way of thinking. (but I am ok with that)
  6. Yeah, I guess that's an option but would rather stay in the recording software. (I have always done it this way with many other pieces of software) I got it working so I can solo (kinda) in the control room without effecting the Headphone mix but it's not a true solo as I can still hear the other tracks while soloing in the control room. This SHOULD be a straight forward task for recording software these days. I must be doing something wrong. Too bad there is no tutorials on setting up for recording including HP mix, I am sure I am missing something small here.
  7. Hi, I have Version 10 Pro. we must have different manuals because page 143 for me is about Robota Pro???
  8. Hi guys, I set up a head phone mix using AUX 1 (Prefader). (aux 1 going out FF 9/10____ Control room out's are FF 1/2) Now all is well and works, BUT when I use the Mute or Solo buttons it also mutes or solo's in the HP mix. Sometimes I like to solo the incoming recording channel but don't want anything to change in their HP mix while tracking. Is this possible with Samp. 10 pro? Thanx...Myke
  9. If you still have access to Cubase, consolidate each track file from end to beginning of the time-line that way they all have the same start time. Export the track files (should be one per track now) Then import them into Samp. Hope this helps.
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