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  1. That's what i was trying to do but for some reason the "register now!" link was only reloading this same page again and again. Then thought i could try in IE instead of firefox and it worked... everything's fine now. Thanks anyway myke
  2. Hi I tried samplitude 10 dlv, the 30 days have now expired so i purchased a serial number. I started samplitude, choosed "enter serial", enter the serial, clic "continue", clic "activate online" which leads me to a page where i'm asked to enter my e-mail and password, so i enter the e-mail and password i used to register on this forum (same e-mail as the one to order the serial). I get an "e-mail and password not matching" message. I tried also with the "personal password for the MAGIX Service Center" that i have received but i still get the same message. What am i doing wrong ? Can somebody help me please ?
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