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  1. 22 hours ago, Johnny Blade said:

    IMHO, that song is going to be a hit.

    It has a typical face of a hit. It smells like a hit. It is engaging as a hit. It was born as a genuine hit.

    Very well built and produced. Captivating. Very nice chorus. Easy to like and hear again. A hit.

    Wow man, thank you for that kind words :)   Hope your words will come true heheh

    Here is something for friends from US, who have regional limitation for legal digital content from EU etc. It should work all the world. 


  2. You might have a look at the Windows 10 thread on gearslutz, under "Music computers". There's a very responsive Microsoft guy, currently at NAMM, with wide open ears listening to all questions regarding pro audio on Win10. He claims that MS now has it's own "Pro audio" team. It's worth a read.


    Thanks for info. :-)

  3. Again this mobile desktop full of extra nonsense ? smile.png Recently I wanted to install bootcamp Windows on my MacBook Pro to have Samplitude there . It was impossible to install Windows 7 (continuous driver errors etc,) so in the end I had to install Windows 8 ... It was the first time I saw it and never seen anything such horrible from the Windows part .. So annoying interface from all possible angles ... Just through many adjustments and extra utilities I managed to skip the basic screen and to get to something that makes sense for me ... W10 seem to follow this line again or I am mistaken ?

    I think that you have to understand idea of Windows 10. On desktop computers you'll have classic desktop with menu start which you are able use with touch screen on tablet. ModernUI will only on tablet devices. All in one.

    I use Windows 8 on Surface Pro 3. Works great. The Idea of ModernUI need be to only improved, not cancelled.

  4. I'm really happy because of free Windows 10. Reason is simple - decrease of fragmentation on market. Better support and bigger focus on developing one system.

    But why Windows still does not use low level audio API? MacOS works perfectly with Core Audio, and hardware do not need a drivers. Real plug & play. It's more strange when I look for information about Core Audio i can find descriptions on Windows sites, about it. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd370802(v=vs.85).aspx

    Is that mean that Core Audio has been implemented in Vista system and we still can't use it for low latency audio work? The only thing I'm jealous is ' no driver needed' for whole audio interfaces. Great thing.

    Can somebody explain to me differences between Core Audio in Windows and MacOS? I'm very interested of answers of people who have knowledge about audio systems in OS's. This topic is now clear for me - Windows vs MacOS.

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