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  1. Yeah. I have found, that turning the monitors off works psychologically even better, as it totally throws them off their game and preconcieved and -remembered notions of the edit point.
  2. Well, I really came ITB from the ground up, discounting the little 3-band semi-parametric graphic eq on my rehearsal board. So, very well versed with all the graph parametric eq-s. Yet - my main mix eq these days is Waves API... Not only doesn't it have an adjustable or any other kind of graph, neither is it fully parametric, it only has 4 bands, doesn't have Q, it has rather few fixed frequency points and it only moves in 2dB steps! Yet somehow I find that I mix faster, my mixes sound better in the sense of pleasing my personal HiFi sensibilities and at the same time are more musical and everything just gels better. Funny that. Mostly people - well, at least I did - think that what is said by "more musical" is something like an old Zeppelin record or something, definitely something "old" - no can't have it, need CONTROL!, need NEW sounding - and whatnot and that was my biggest surprise graduating everything from SSL X-EQ (a 10 band fully parametric Algorithmix port) to API - it just isn't. I can mix even more "modern" with API and all it's limitations than I could with much more control that SSL and the likes were offering. That said, I sometimes grab the X-EQ if something is absolutely broken to my ears, there the control can be useful.
  3. It's out there. It's free. It does more than you asked for - like positive hysteresis many other gates don't.
  4. There is a plug called Gatelope that seems to be interesting. It also costs about 20 bucks. Unfortunately it is AU only and the guy that coded it seems so far to be having no interest in learning how to code vst plugins. A brief description of the plug is here: How does that one sound as an idea? And I very much trust the opinion of the AE that wrote this particular post. Methinks having such a thing with a native sidechain possiblility would be huge - not only for toms and such for straightforward usage but imagine using this to expanding drum room mics keyed off snare, kick and toms, controlling the cymbal leakage and then crushing it to death afterwards with an AM-Track...
  5. Yes, mouse and keyboard work quite well for now
  6. If you happen to have any dongeled versions of samplitude you can change the skin to your likings, copy the skins to your bitmap folder of Samp v9SE and copy Sam9_E.ini to your program catalog and the correct skin appears with the rest of the settings you like to use in your "main" program. If you don't then you probably can point to the right skin in the Sam9_E.ini file itself - proceed at your own risk. What I am saying, it's doable, it's just hidden. And I completely disagree with dr.funk here, I find the default skins to be hideous
  7. Yes, to an extent. You can control Play, Stop, Volume, Pan and maybe AUX sends, Mute and Solo. Not that much more for now.
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