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  1. Maybe you have tried to play at different distance of the mic or you have played with the sampling frequency when recording or maybe play with some different audio cables or a compression effect.

    That's what I think of your sample let us know what you have did.

    Have a nice day.

    Hi James,

    It's always nice with full description!

    BTW, it's not my recording. You will be surpriced what i have done with it.

    Does anybody else dare to comment?

  2. A to D converters all output 24 bits so the only time to write 32 bit float files is when you are rendering some kind of DSP calculation. Digidesign doesn't support 32 bit float files intentionally because a conversion to fixed point can clip the audio. Conversion really needs to be handled in an audio application that reads and writes both 32 bit float files and 24 bit fixed with the ability to optimize the level.

    I guess there is no reason for me to record higher than 24bit/24bit float unless the 32bit float give advantage when edit.

    To be clear, i will try to avoid studios that use PT and Cubase/Nuendo. Never heard Logic though... I hope to find "quality" studio that mix/reamp/master with Samplitude or Sequoia.

    Does anybody tried "Each take in a new file" and then use OMF/AAF for transport to other DAW?? Something happens with audio quality during Bounce&mixtofile therfore i'm into OMF thing...

  3. Before i start seriously recording anything i have few questions that some of you may help me out with... My idea of using Samp is to recording tracks myself and then export for reamp and mix. Please be patience ;)

    First of all, should i set it to "Each Rec take in a new file" cos...?... Samp is set as 32bit float as default which i will not "use" for mix or so. Therefore i'm thinking of 24/24bit float to avoid unneccessary convertion (incl. Bounce or Mix to File). Just copy files from Samp (explorer) then import in other DAW. Is OMF helpful then?

    One think to consider is that i may want to ;) edit/cut/paste the takes but no effects will be used. Will 32bit float give any advantages then?

    Economy H/W mode was my first thought to rec with but after reading about sound changes using different engines and buffers i'm now confused what to use...??? It may sound charming with harmonics on Hybrid but cleaner and accurate on economy. Should i use Hybrid for acoustic gtr and Economy for El gtr Di signal that will be reamped?

    If bounce option is the one to use then no Dither and 24bit resolution (no 32bit float) is the way to go, right?

    Greatful for all help, Dan

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