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  1. The software appears to be looking a bit better. Thanks.
  2. As always, excellent. I'm linking your tutorials to our forum all the time now. Keep up the great work.
  3. I have a Kronos X and I've had no luck using this worth mentioning. A big time waster indeed. Too bad too. It would be awesome to have more control within Sequoia.
  4. I love the full screen too. And the transient edit hit the mark, how cool is that! The list of wow's on this EQ is amazing. Digital audio is getting really exciting.
  5. Indeed, looks like the new benchmark. Wow. Love the piano, that was smart.
  6. Okay, I must be dense, lol. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to automate the wet/dry for a delay plug-in on a track. Is this possible?
  7. An older thread but for those wondering, I got it going tonight, I had quite the time getting it to load but it does work very well. I had to clear the BFD2 database over and over and reload it a few times. Not sure why but it took a bit for it to find the plugin. I also downloaded the newest version 2.3 "" 64 bit but since Sam isn't 64 yet, It is still 32 bit BDF2
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