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  1. Try switching to the legacy driver. It's #2 on the link that Tim posted. Doug
  2. Have you tried the KX driver? KX driver Doug
  3. Being a drummer I've found the Samps gates to be pretty useless for drums. The best free one I have found is Golden Gate by Sinus. It's smooth and not lacking options. Be warned it's shareware and you'll get a nag screen if you leave it open too long but you should be able to set it before that happens. Doug
  4. Greg, Are you sure Samp does DXi? I've got a DXi metronome that I bought back in my Cake days. It would make printing the metronome a piece of cake. Doug
  5. Drag your mouse across the material you'd like to trim so it's highlighted. Then press delete. It should delete what you selected and leave the rest of the material intact. Hope it helps. Doug
  6. Select a range from the end of your material to the end of the VIP on the timeline and press delete. It works in v8 & 9, hopefully it works that way in v7. Doug
  7. See my Sig. This set-up works very well. Doug
  8. I think you might be looking for the "Link Object to Curves" button. I'm not in front of the Studio Box, but I think that's what it's called. Doug
  9. I'll second this one. Sascha, how about clicking on the numeric display of a knob and use the mousewheel for fine tuning like on the Mixer. This would keep Samp's workflow fairly consistent. Doug
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