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  1. No problem! Anytime! Hope everything works out for you.
  2. It's working awesome on my retail copy of Windows 7 Pro x64. I realize that you may not be in a position to upgrade your OS for various reasons but I would seriously consider moving to Windows 7 64bit for your DAW OS. XP is old technology, and support for it will soon be dropped. On top of that, there was never much support in the way of drivers/software for XP 64 as it is. Most development from here on out is going to be for Windows 7, not XP, which could cause issues for your down the road if you decide to stick with it. Win 7 runs audio like a dream, and is VERY stable. BSOD's on Windows 7 are almost non exsistent. Cant say they wont happen, but ive seen one the whole time ive been running it (6 months on the RC, and now a couple weeks on the retail), and I caused it myself by doing something stupid. Sam 11 probably runs fine on xp64, but I know by experience that Win 7 smokes XP by a long shot. Good luck!
  3. Hi Greg, Thank you for the response. Yeah, I was looking for the similiar functionality as PT's Beat Detective transient markers, where you can alt+click (if im remembering the key command correctly) the transient marker to delete it. No biggy though.. I'll work around it Some of these markers say "E" on them, whats that all about? I heard a quick little blurb in one of Kraznets videos about them being errors markers, but he didnt go really go into it much, and I'm not certain how they are generated and/or why. I'm slowly making my way through the 700+ page manual though. Appreciate the help, regardless Best, Super
  4. Yes, that was it! I feel so silly with it being that easy, but in my defense, as well as the guy above, those boxes dont really scream out "move me to resize!" Strange location and "look" to them. In anycase, thanks once again.. loved all the other videos as well. Very helpful! Regards, Super
  5. Hmmm, clicking it on gives me a dead link error, but right click "save target as" worked.. So im good to go. Thank you. Watching it now! Best, Super
  6. Is this what you mean? Resizing_Objects_Clips.wmv Regards Kraznet Hello Kraznet, I'm sure it is, but the link for the video is dead, so I cant verify. Hopefully you can track down the dead link and repost/edit. Thanks for taking the time to whip that video up, its much appreciated! Super
  7. You need to create a fresh VIP before you can load the tracks into it. If you try to load them into the blank window they will by default open as separate wave projects. I don't use Ableton Live but just downloaded the demo and I couldn't load multiple wave files or drag-and-drop them from the browser so I'm not sure what's going on there. Phil was right there is a setting called "play cursor independent of range" but the name is slightly misleading because even with that setting the play cursor is never completely independent of the range unfortunately.This means that whenever you draw in a new range in the grid and marker bar the play cursor will always jump to that position. The reason it's happening when you select an object as well is probably something to do with the mouse mode you are using. Samplitude has several mouse modes. Using Object Mouse Mode will allow you to select objects without it affecting the play cursor. Universal Mouse Mode is like a dual purpose mouse mode . This means that using it in the top half of the object will allow you to draw in a range of position the play cursor. Using it in the bottom half of the object will select the object .It is my preferred mouse mode although it does take some time to get used to it. I have made quite a few videos and you can find them at www.youtube.com/kraznet There is one there which shows you more about the different mouse modes.I use a combination of Camtasia studio and Sequoia/Video Pro X for making the videos. Regards Kraznet Thanks so much to all of you for the responses. Kraznet, Regarding Ableton Live and dragging tracks in - You are right, this cannot be done in Ableton, and this is just one of the small features, or lack there of, that has made me start looking elsewhere for more professional tools for different recording/editing situations (mostly when working with bands). In ableton, when you drag tracks in, it just lines them up back-to-back on the same track, kinda stupid really.. I guess in my mind, when i asked the question, i was thinking of the way that Reaper allows for dragging from a folder into a completely blank session, and dumps all the files on new tracks.. The way they have it setup is very nice and user friendly.. But I much prefer samplitude as far as a program goes, so thats why im eager to find these same sort of settings here. And about the playback mode - I see now that it just doesnt work the way im expecting it too. I understand the mouse modes, i just thought that i was able to select somewhere else without always having the playback cursor jump to that spot EVERYTIME. ISnt that pretty basic? Every program i can think of can behave this way through options. Thats really going to take some getting used too. I'm just used to selecting a section somehere while playback is still going, and not having it jump to where i just clicked in the middle of playback. Yeah, I did some exploring around the site and found some videos you have done. Very nice stuff, I've downloaded all of them and they have been a great help in clearing up a few questions ive had. Kudos for making them and sharing with the others. Love to see you do one on the Audio Quantizing Wizard. While, its fairly straight foward in use, it would be nice to get some veteran style tips and tricks for quickly editing markers and adjusting the gaps, and slices for more accurate results. In anycase, thank you again Best, Super
  8. I guess I got slighty too excited for a second there. Strange, the option to load to new tracks only works if you already have the tracks setup. If you try to this same thing in a blank session, it just loads them in wave editing windows again. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but its better then nothing I guess. And for some reason, that playhead option isnt working at all. Where ever i click, either on the timeline, or on the actual object/wav, it moves the playhead to that spot. I'll be playing back the track, go to highlight a different section, and then bam, now its playing back from where im trying to select. Its making me mental. Ive tried setting the option and then closing the program and reopneing, but nothing seems any different. Still jumps to where ever i try to select. Am I missing something? Thanks again for the help!
  9. I must be blind.. Haha!! I swear I looked at the general options about 20 times for this and it never dawned on me. You da man!! Thank you I was blind again, i didnt notice the "options" button in the File > Load/Import menu.. and that is where the feature is.. Thank you so much Phil!!! Really appreciate it! You guys are great around here!
  10. Hello, Is there a way to resize objects after you make a slice? This may just be my lack of experience with the program and being used to working in another, but im having a hard time figuring out how to pull the front or back of an object to resize it. It seems its locked in its size once the slice is made. I know I must be missing something, as this is a pretty basic function. Is there a key command for deleting transient markers when using the audio quantize function? As in something like, "Control + clicking deletes it." I see that you can right click the marker if your agile enough, and it brings up a list of markers and then you have to click "delete marker". Theres got a to be a better way to do this.. editing failed transient markers that the "analyze" feature mistakenly found is extremley time consuming. Again, I must be missing something.. or not? Thanks for the help, Super
  11. Thanks so much for the video Kraznet. Extremeley helpful!! Do you have any more videos by chance? And what software are you using to make that video? Maybe you and me can team up Summer , I'm coming from Ableton Live as well, and I got all the same questions you do it seems. I've tried every single program out there, and none of them behave or function like Ableton does in the arrange view.. They got everything right as far as editing goes, and when you jump into another program its soo freakin painful to try to work around the speed and elegant layout of Abletons Arrange view when dealing with clips.. BUT, as we both know, it's missing alot of techincal audio tools and features/functions. Ableton and Samplitude together though = The Ultimate Experience. I have a couple questions as well.. 1. When i click in the timeline and try and make selection, the playhead jumps to that section.. So annoying.. cant figure out how to turn it off. Looked in the playback options, general options.. coming up with nothing. *fingers crossed for the option* 2. Also, is there way to import a bunch of audio tracks from a folder and have them end up on there own tracks when importing? Ive tried dragging and dropping, and while it works, it just opens them all in a wave editing window, instead of dropping them all onto their own tracks. Ive tried all the import audio functions and they seem to be reacting the same way. Any tips? I have a few more, but i suppose i should start my own thread and not jack this one.. I apologize. Thanks, Super
  12. Funny thing, I came to the forum to find the answer for this very same question... And for once its the very first thread I saw! It's all a matter of learning the programs lingo, once you've worked with all the major DAW software apps before you pretty much know what you want to do, its just the learning curve of what each program calls whatever function or section of the program you want to manipulate that takes getting used too. Thanks for the answer on this question. I knew it was something simple that i was overlooking. I need to tone down these menus a bit so they arent so cluttered with standard features I can access through key commands, and right clicking an object. I'm amazed that I even have the option to customize the menu to my liking... pure genius.
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