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  1. Hey all Sam Studio 15 demo is looking great-the score looks nice...further testing & thanks.
  2. siriusbliss-thanks i found samplitude_music_studio_15 on the US website-look forward to demo of 11
  3. great-i watched the video--would be great if it could apperar in the q-menu above the track. Im watching all your tutorials-excellent & thanks There is a way to import the Logic templates B-E so they can be used in Samp . I'm going to do a tutorial showing how you can do it . It's called input Q in Samp and I did a video showing it here : Regards Kraznet
  4. Hi-I am seriously looking at Samp as a future audio sequencer. I tried a demo of Samp quite a few years ago & was quite impressed (dont remember much in the way of midi). Right now Im looking at all the tutorials here-excellent job.I see midi has been upgraded. Ive been on Mac/PC Logic Audio since the mid 90s.Clunky-out of date -but I know it well. Im wondering if quantize templates can be set-up like in Logic-Swing B to E and if there is an auto-quantize function? Also can the score be set-up to view more than one midi part-are there instrument templates for piano- transpositions for sax-viola etc...? (Once again-as in Logic). Do any of you at this forum work/score for TV/Film/docs etc?...have you successfully used Samp from start to finish? example: one song/file which includes all the cues-with tempo/key changes-markers etc.. If so I would like to hear something. Will there be a demo of the latest Samp? Thanks
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