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  1. Thanks a lot Sascha. I'll wait for a patch to fix the bugs. For the MIDI set on the tracks it was an error i did. Sorry. Sitting tracks as MIDI, Vandal started to recieve MIDI Messages and start to work, so sorry for my error. Regards Andrea
  2. Hi to everyone. I got Samplitude 11 Pro. I set in MIDI options my MIDI AKAI MPD as general recording MIDI and general Play MIDI. Obviously i've enabled it in MIDI IN and OUT port. Now i should control Vandal via MIDI. When i open Vandal and i go to the Global window nothing is displayed. If i try to set a cc7 to control the pregainclean selectng it in the MIDI control window, no MIDI message is recieved. Can someone explain how i can control hte MIDI targets in Vandal via an external MIDI controller? Please watch the video at this link and let me know where i'm wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXeunYDKCdg Thanks to everyone Andrea
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