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  1. As Music Maker is not a DAW (does not allow mutiple external source inputs) I am thinking of buying a new program so I can send all of my sources (drum mics etc) to separate tracks instead of routing them thoguh a pre-mixer and sending the composite audio to Music Maker. Thing is I love the loop/audio file capabilities of MM especially being able to preview the loop at the BPM of the project displayed and the ability to paste those loops in the project and have MM automatically adjust the sample to fit the project's BPM etc. I have checked Cubase and it appears this feature is still a mess, I don't want to be locked in to Protools HW and I don't want a Mac. Given this I am hoping Samplitude or Sequoia can scratch all of my itches - especially since they are all made by Magix. Can anyone tell me if Samplitude or Sequioa can do what I described?
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