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  1. I agree.   I do not like upampling plugs for the most part.   Remember, it does not matter what the science is, or if its the SRC in the A/D or the was an A/D works are different rates or if the moon is aligned with Mars... simply go with your ears, doing blind test over many days. In the end, I don't care if its 8bit Radio shack setup that sound the best, ya know? I certainly do not do 96k cause its cool.  if so I would be bragging I work at 192...

  2. 16 hours ago, TerryBritton said:

    Very interesting read, Tim. I've waffled on whether to go to 96k a few times with very light experimentation, but I think I'll give it more opportunities to impress me after that article. I keep going between 44.1 and 48k, but your experience definitely has me curious now!


    Thanks for checking it out.   I also suggest something like Saracon to do your SRC, its worth it!

    here is my blog about it if you're interested:


  3. At 96k where i work at, thee is a big difference, but NOT in the way most think.    Between 44.1 and 48k you hear some differences in the highs and high mids. but going to 96k, there is no freq response difference really, but there is a big difference in depth of sound, in resolution (meaning things sound more natural and as they are in the room). A 3D and smooth-ness to the stereo field or sound stage. An acoustic gt sounds more there in front of you, especially when recording with room mics or stereo micing.  I am totally sold on 96k but not 192k, the trade off for resources is too much.  96k seems the best middel ground for my work,

    Upsample to...  I do convert files from 44.1 or 48k up to 96k simply because plugs sound better for the most Part. Example, the UAD 88RS, my favorite channel strip, sound bad on the top end (EQ) at 44.1 or 48. (the orignal 88RS, it does not upsample to prcoess).  but the same plug on 96K file has air and a beautiful top end. 

    Just my 2cents.  I did post examples in my blog abouit my own testing, but you should test yourself at 96K and 192k. 


  4. http://rvrb.io/2015-eq-2nv-2-chan-2pm


    Great River Electronics EQ-2NV 2-Channel 4-Band EQ

    Great River Electronics 1081/1083 style EQ. Simply stunning. I am only selling because I upgraded to the Mastering version. In perfect condition. Read about it at the greweb.com website.
    Used in a Smoke free Professional Studio.
    Comes with original box, shipping box, manual and all.
    Free shipping to 48 states.
    I will ship to HI, Alaska and international, buyer pays actual shipping cost with insurance.

  5. In case you have missed it, the Archive is available 24/7 for Download or stream. http://entertalkradio.com/soundexperience/

    Past Guest include:

    05/23/16 John “JR” Robinson – The Most Recorded Drummer in History

    05/16/16 Keith Olsen, Grammy-Winning Record Producer & Sound Engineer

    05/09/16 Marc DeGeorge from SSL, and Michael Carnes of Exponential Audio

    05/02/16 Mix Buss Compression with Mastering Engineer Michael Romanowski

    04/25/16 Mark Rubel, Producer, Instructor and Co-Director of Blackbird Academy

    04/18/16 Grammy-Winning Producer/Engineer, Ross Hogarth

    04/11/16 TNT/Skid Row Singer, Tony Harnell

    04/04/16 Mastering Mastermind, Michael Romanowski

  6. Hey all, Just wanted to let you know, if you are not already following me on Facebook and heard from there, that I have been asked to host a weekly radio show on WS talk radio / Entertalk Radio. "Sound Experience with Tim Dolbear" Its live on Monday nights in at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific.

    April 4th was our first show and we had renown mastering engineer Michael Romanowski from Coast Mastering in San Francisco.

    You can listen live, or to past shows anytime, stream or download, at entertalkradio.com/soundexperience
    Here is what’s coming up on sound experience in the coming weeks:
    • April 11th is legendary rock vocalist of TNT and Skid Row, Tony Harnell talking about his vocal recording process
    • Tentatively On the 18th we have Multiple Grammy-winning producer/engineer/mixer Ross Hogarth
    • And on the 25th Mark Rubel from the Blackbird Academy will be with me, talking about his decades in the recording studio.
    • In May/June we will have on Marc DeGeorge from SSL, our friends from Manley and Plugin Alliance, Mastering Guru Joe Palmaccio, Dominick from Sony/Battery Studios, and more!
    On the FB page for the show https://www.facebook.com/soundexperienceradio/ you can see who is coming up in the weeks to come and post questions for them.

  7. Lots of new Blogs posted over the last few months.


    -"Spice is the spice of life" Variations in music production

    -Yesterday and today...and the future of music and music production

    -Perfection vs Performance, what we can learn from Joe Walsh and the King.

    -Listen Hear: Some of the industry's best discuss the sonic dissection of music

    -Record Producer vs Music Producer...Tim...Which is that voodoo, that you do, so well?

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