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  1. I will email Bob right now and point him here. He's a Sequoia ambassador so he's on here often...
  2. This is exactly the sort of thread that should be on GS and not on the samplitude help forum. there are plenty of people who love this sort of thread on GS.
  3. Really? I don't even know why I am on this forum anymore. this thread should be on gear slutz any way not taking up room on the Samplitude forum.
  4. Ok, taking off my MAGIX name tag, back to Tim, Engineer from Eclectica studios, so if you don't like what I say, email me, MAGIX has nothing to do with my opinions. I did the test about CPU, but its the same test for listen for the mix engine. All day long I have mastering engineers calling me and praising how much better Samplitude and Sequoia sound to everything else out there. Are you saying they are all wrong? Are you saying my ears are deceiving me? Are you saying that even though the null test showed they are different, and my ears heard one as beautiful and 3d and the other as hard and flat, its all in my head?
  5. Here ya go. test it for yourself. http://support2.magix.net/boards/samplitude//index.php?showtopic=28438&p=214524 and see the second test http://support2.magix.net/boards/samplitude//index.php?showtopic=28438&p=214553 The audio clips are long gone, but do it for yourself.
  6. When I did a sound shoot out a year ago with reaper, it sounded bad. Don't waste your time...
  7. Sounds like a bug. It should not change the sends' volume. What version are you on? Make sure you are on the newest patch. Also, if you are freezing audio objects and not VSTi on the track, just freeze the object.
  8. Me and Chris talked and did a screen share, he did not have crossfades on and so to see the waveform he was talking about, he need to have a crossfade and then when you open it wide, you can see the two wave forms on top of each other and can then align phase and timing...something I showed him in Nashville a few weeks ago. He's all set now :-)
  9. 1. right click the sam 10 install file and choose trouble shoot compatibility, Choose win XP sp2 to start. The installer must run in incompatibility mode, but the program should not need to. then, got here: http://support2.magix.net/boards/samplitude//index.php?showtopic=18718&view=findpost&p=138672
  10. Yes, I could not live with out mine. In the shortcut dialog, where you can program them (System option/keyboard and mouse shortcuts) Use the search feature at the top to find the object modes in the list and assign them.
  11. Sam will switch over IF the ASIO driver is BIZY, or to say, being used by another program. Check and see what is running and stealing the ASIO driver.
  12. Sounds like it happens when Sam initializes the ASIO drive, meaning the first time you hit playback only. You may want to re install the RME driver. I have a feeling this is one of those FW/Driver issues that will disappear if you move to a Windows 7 OS.
  13. ? No Version 11 and v11 pro are not longer available, only v12 (Pro X) You can purchase Samplitude Pro X as a download or box, they are exactly the same content, just 1 is a box/DVD and 1 is download. Box gives you a manual and Download gives you a PDF. Here is my video about Pro X so you can see the new stuff since v11: http://www.youtube.com/TimDolbearMagix
  14. Yeah, I noticed this earlier today and reported it...no idea where it went.
  15. UAD-1 was for its time, the Cambrige EQ, you could load like 30 of them or more. Now the UAD-2 has the power, on my system (UAD-2 Duo, Solo, and 2 UAD-1s) the 33609 uses 8% of my UAD-2 power.
  16. 1. You have to get a UAD-2 because some of those plugs are UAD-2 only. Also 1 33609 running and a UAD-1 is full, done, out of CPU... 2. The PSP plugs are the v1.5 version from 1999. 3. The LinPLug CronoX3 I only use to trigger drum samples, using my sample library from my studio kit with different velocity/samples at each velocity level. I used nothing about the CronoX3 as intended for your project, if you get it you will wonder why yo got it. I do use it fro other things, but your project its simple a sample player.
  17. If it was up to me, and its not, since I have nothing to do with the consumer line of MAGIX, which producer and music studio fall under, I would call them MAGIX music studio, and completely distance it from Samplitude. Its a stript down consumer product, yet people buy it and wonder why it does not do certain things... Seriously, if you want to do what the big boys do, you gotta buy the real gear. You get what you pay for. The day I purchased a Manley Mic Pre, is the day I realized that to be true. A $1500 pre amp does not sound anything like a $.25 IC chip pre amp in a $100 mixer. Its a new world at that point. I have people email me all the time about Music studio, pissed off that it won't do 7.1 surround or DDP...I am surprised people spend $100 and think its actually going to LOL. Anyway, if I was King!
  18. I already own a copy...its great! And the mix is fantastic, who did that? Oh ya, me!
  19. Music Studio and Producer, I have nothing to do with, what did they do?
  20. well I am in charge of sales and such in N. America, but with the release just happening 45 days ago, if there was a black Friday sale, I would receive 100s of emails ripping into me about how its now on sale and how they paid full price, so they are entitled to a refund of the difference. People already call me, email me, call me at the studio, email me there too, call me at home, in the middle of the night, facebook me, send messages to both my MAGIX and my studio YOUtube pages... I don't need more fuel on the fire. By the way, never email or call me outside of my MAGIX number/email, No MAGIX business can be done outside of these contact points. But, we do have a special coming in December in N. America for crossing over between Video Pro X3 and Samplitude Pro X. Stay tuned...
  21. I think they will post a Black friday sale as soon as Germany starts celebrating Thanksgiving.
  22. yep, an anti-spam thingy, no idea how limiting searches could help. I think its lame. I get frustrated cause I am always searching for a topic while try'n to help people, any I am blocked at 30sec increments...
  23. click or unclick, whichever way you do not have it already, the option, Play Cursor Independent Of Range, its under system options (Hit the Y key) and then its under General/program settings.
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