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  1. see if I understand you. You have a stereo edited track in a VIP. You want to open the multitrack version (VIP) you made the stereo file from and apply the cuts/edits that he did to the stereo, to the multi-track so when you play back the multitrack, its like it was edited by the guy, following the same cuts he did to the stereo? correct?
  2. Yes, save as a different name. songtitle2.vip kinda thing. It sounds like Windows or a program has possession of the file and you can not over write it for some reason.
  3. The Cleaning and restoration suite in Samplitude is far far beyond Logic's stuff. There is a video on it at my youtube channel: Spectral cleaning: http://www.youtube.com/TimDolbearMagix#p/c...3/0/Gqt087D1054 C&R suite: Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/TimDolbearMagix#p/c...3/3/CbJBirhd7us part 2 http://www.youtube.com/TimDolbearMagix#p/c...3/4/JII6xXCgpUY
  4. HI 1, Samplitude will run nicely on the PT hardware using the digi ASIO drive already installed along with PT. 2, Sam 11 standard is missing a lot from Sam pro. But it depends on what you are using it for. If its going to be your main DAW, get Pro. If its just for the editing and restoration, standard should be ok. But certain mastering features like Ammunition are not included. Here is a list of the main differences: goto my youtube page and watch the In The Studio series to see what they all are. ( http://www.youtube.com/TimDolbearMagix ) Revolver tracks, Am-muntion (mastering setup) Room simulator convolution reverb Full version of Elastic audio (pitch automation) Full version of Vandal (amp sim) AM-suite of FX De-esser Surround sound
  5. options/mouse modes/ If I remember correctly, also you can find it on the mouse tool bar, or at least add it by right click the tool bar and choosing to add it.
  6. Can you send all of your findings directly to our team in Dresden : proservice@magix.net
  7. Hi, If you are in N. America, contact me. We have a holiday special thru the 23rd. Its really a great price right now. If you are in Europe, I believe they have a sale that covers that too.
  8. It has : IEEE 1394 VIA® 6308P controller supports 2 x 1394a ports (one at mid-board; one at back panel) You should contact Echo and see if they have any issues with the VIA controller. From their site: http://www.echoaudio.com/Support/FAQ.php#6 The crackling sounds like a classic case of the FW issue.
  9. Call me too if you need. 512-914-9191 What exact motherboard do you have? We need to see if the FW chip is a Texas Instr. others can cause FW audio issues.
  10. What OS? What audio interface/card? Download and reinstall you audio driver. UAD? Does this happen with WDM? What engine in Sam;Classic or Hybrid? Is the DAW hooked up to the internet? Antivirus running? What other programs are running at the time of error?
  11. W7? Turn off Aero (right click desktop/personalize) choose classic theme.
  12. Remember that too large a buffer size can mess with you as much as too small. So you have to find the balance. IS the only time you get this is working with EZ drummer?
  13. Sam pro version? 11.1.1? ASIO? driver? What monitor engine? Hybrid or Classic (software monitor)
  14. Any that do Audio/ASIO Here we have a RME PCI card, and M-audio PCI and an Echo firewire interface. Also a PT MBox (horrible sounding though...)
  15. You need to set up you audio card and Samplitude buffers. Please see this page as a starting point, and try setting the ASIO buffer to 512 (12ms) or 256 (6ms). The page shows 1024 asio buffer, but for midi you many want shorter. Also set monitoring for Software monitoring for VSTi. http://www.eclecticarecordings.com/resourses-magix.htm
  16. All of the restoration tools should now be available to you as Real time plugins. And more restoration tools are being added to the suite too.
  17. Good to hear! I am sure the more and more you get into it, the more you will love it!
  18. Like I said, I have not encountered this, I would research it more first. If everyone who had an AMD and a UAD-2 card hard this issue we would know more about it.
  19. This is the first I have heard of this. Is this a W& 64bit/AMD thing? of strictly a AMD thing?
  20. yes. But in a multi cpu world, I suggest using Windows 7 and Samplitude version 11.1.1 pro. W7 handles the multi cpus the best, by far, and ver 11 takes advantage of that. Other wise, in version 9/windows xp you may need to turn off multi cpu support with dsp cards.
  21. See attached document. hope this helps. howto_set_up_external_fx.pdf
  22. please call the support number listed below. (775) area code.
  23. Sorry I don't have any more info than that. I know all about Samplitude standard 11, pro11 and sequoia, but producer falls under the MAGIX consumer line along with MS so I always find out after the fact.
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