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  1. exactly. The null test is BS, when you start processing the audio, thats when things can go bad. Passing audio thru with the faders at 0 and pans set hard is nothing. One of our mix sessions with 40+ tracks, 16 buss, 8 auxs and tons of processing, thats the real test. I cam e from Logic audio years ago and was floored by the difference.
  2. Cool, my take comes from a work flow stand point. 75% of the tracks in any of our sessions use specific, example; snare track, may have a floorfish gate, Cambridge EQ, into a AM-Pluse. Or the Vocals may be a de-esser into a fairchild into a Cambridge eq, or the de-esser into a 1176 into a waves ren eq... so these 75% of tracks don't apply to my request, because I choose different elements each time. the other tracks, like a random keys or guitar track, or a backup vocal, you know a secondary track that I would just want to add a non-flavored eq and comp/lim, its great to be able to hit a button on the mixer and have a single gui that opens that is a basic channel. I'd favor this over opening the eq, and then moving the plug outta the way and opening the comp/lim, then every time after I want to access it I have to open the 2, if I re-order the pair I have to deal with how the eq is then hitting the com/lim so both need to be open... It almost like I want a single window that has the eq and the Am-Track on it, with a "re-order" button on the plug. Kinda like the default channel strip. dig? Not to reinvent the wheel, just for work flow.
  3. How about a good console style channel strip? with a layout kinda like the UAD-88RS Good for work flow if you can just hit one plugin and get the stuff you need in one GUI, instead of opening the eq, and comp/lim and gate...
  4. You are kidding? right? If thats all you want outta your DAW, go for it. I haven't heard anything about Phase aligned thru-out the signal path, or how Sam has the best sounding ITB summing out there. Or the fantastic plugs like the Am-munition or Elastic audio pitch automation... If its only about hosting a sampler, this is the wrong place, Samplitude is a fantastic complete package that sounds fantastic.
  5. The stereo width knob does it ok for me, but a mono switch would be nice. Also stronger diffusion, to really destroy the sound.
  6. Let see if I can help on some of these: -Automatic and constant frame accurate read out of any selections legnth. With possibility of nudging the front and the end of that selection. I think so, no sure -Export (mix) to video. Any selection regardless of the actual movie's length believe so. -Two levels (or more) of level automation (Volume and Volume trim or whatever) With object editing/object automation, you can and much more -Inserted effects can be dragged and dropped or reordered in any witch way possible. Yes -Snap a sound files start, end, or user defined sync point to cursor position in one move (click or key). I think so, I think I know what all you are say'n I do that all the time. -Pro Tools constantly shows a list of all audio files attached to your project. This list can be reordered according to many parameters like Name, Date of creation (increasing or decreasing) file size whatever and also has a search option for finding a particular file. Is there an equivalent in Sequoia? there is the new "manager" section that is good, you'll need to check it out. -All recorded audio hold a given project time stamp, and remembers in a sample accurate and permanent way, it's exact original position. Yes -Stretch an audio file's front or tail, or any selection blank or not and the video scrolls istantly to follow mouse movement. I think so. Hope I was some help, I don't do post, I do do some A/V in Samplitude. contact me directly if you have anymore questions, goto my website for contacts.
  7. Yep, I do a lot of midi stuff, both VSTi and our to hardware, gigastudio, keyboard... You will love Sam, I came from Logic, and I also have PT here, and SAM is my main system, its simply great.
  8. No, not a problem, All UAD plugs have a "power on off switch from testing/A/B. I can't think of a single one that doesn't.
  9. I really like the sound of this one: http://www.kjaerhusaudio.com/classic-auto-filter.php and its free. don't know if this will do all you want, but I really like the 'tone' and warmth.
  10. The AM/Pluse is Great! It is a "transiant designer" and a Aural exiter. Both thing the UAD does not do. I have 2 UAD-1 in my system. The SAM plugs differ from the UAD plugs in that all the UAD plugs have a "sound" the 1176 is bright and upfront. the LA2A is warm and woolly.... the SAM plugs are clean, clear and Do EXACTLY what you want with out adding a sonic sig to it. As gtrguy1 said: Its a great compliment to have both.
  11. Zero delay here, Whats your setup and what plugs? does it do it from the first plug you load?
  12. try, goto options/system then the midi tab, the midi sycn, make sure its at 100% (i use SAM pro 8.31, so hopefully this is in the SE version too)
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